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The Good Wife

- YAY! OWEN! I love the chemistry between J. Marg (we can call her that, right?) and Dallas Roberts. It's so very sibling-ish. Alicia just seems to loosen when she's around him.

- Since we've already had the friendship that turns awkward and silent play out between Alicia and Kalinda, I'm glad that Will and Alicia aren't going to repeat that, just because of the magical power of Will saying so (because that's totally how relationships work). I am glad they talked and are going to be professional at least.

- At first I was all "Woo!" for Peter not being a dick and then he TURNED AROUND AND THREATENED THE PRINCIPAL. Oh, Peter. You are incorrigible!

- And that was a nice foreshadowing for the totally sense-making twist that Wendy Scott-Carr is actually investigating Peter. Of course she is. This always smelt like a vendetta but it seemed left of centre for her to be going after Will, whom she doesn't have much history with. Wendy is deadly serious about cleaning house - she is actually scary. I really don't like agreeing with anything Jacob has to say but he is dead on when he calls her "weaponised Alicia" in his recaps.

- That little conversation between Alicia and Kalinda was the tensest two minutes of the episode. I hope this is a turn in their relationship.

- But I also like the idea that Alicia and Diane are going to be better friends. Hopefully we'll get both relationships!

- I'm totally okay with the fact that Alicia and Will broke up and that she doesn't seem to love him. For me, their relationship is still fascinating and realistic and I don't mind what story they tell together as long as they tell one. I think Alicia made the best choice for her right now and I am always Team Alicia. That said, I do feel some sympathy for Will. He thought that he'd get to grow up and finally be a real person thanks to that relationship - that he would make this leap from a state of arrested development (Hey! That's the name of a show!) and they'd move forward together. But even if it didn't end the way he wanted, I think he's still come out of it as a better person, as evidenced by the way he shut down Wendy Scott-Carr. I think Will has been paralysed by the idea that he's still that dumb kid who messed around with Celeste, got in too deep, and stole that money. He needed/needs to prove to himself that he has changed, that he has lines he won't cross now. The back half of the season is going to be very interesting for Will if they are pulling him into an arc with Peter and Wendy.

- Some of those buttons did look pretty cool.

Once upon a time

- This show really is not good.

- I can't believe they killed the hot Irish sheriff after seven episodes. He was, like, 45% of why I started watching in the first place.

(also: 50% Snow White the bandit and Prince Charming holding her hand, 5% fractured fairy tales (massive disappointment there))

- That was an arc, not an episode. Considering how background Graham has been, this story should have played out over several episodes.

- The effects are so awful. It's really hard to take this show seriously but it's not ridiculous enough to enjoy it because it's bad.


- I think this might be the most purely entertaining show on TV right now? (except for Parks and Rec which: always)

- It really does offer a wonderful hour: solidly plotted, funny characters I care about, and subversive narratives.

- Zombie cheerleaders. ZOMBIE CHEERLEADERS.

- "You've got red on you." I always wonder in zombie narratives just how the infection spreads. Is it in the blood? Saliva? Something about their teeth when they bite you? I was really concerned when they all started getting splattered with blood.


- Claire Danes is so amaaaaazing.

- Wow, when Carrie goes of the rails she gets really alliterative.

"...not the single-shot to the President, spy 101 bullshit..."

"He's just a part, a piece, a pixel, a pawn of no importance!"

"We have to code it, collide it, collapse it, contain it."

"They have to understand, Saul, Nazir's movements in green after fallow yellow, always creeping towards purple are methodical, meaningful, momentous, and monstrous!"

Emmy reel.

- I thought that the episode that explored Brody's relationship with Nazir's son was a good foundation for why he might turn against the American government, but the much more greatly developed relationships he has with his wife and kids leave me unconvinced as to why he's going through with this terrorist plot. I just don't understand, based on what we've seen, how he could do this to his family - it will decimate them. But he doesn't seem to be having second thoughts at all.

- However, even more soul crushing than Brody being a terrorist is the idea that Saul is the mole. Saul was just so great with Carrie that if he turns out to be anything less than genuine, I will be gutted.

Date: 2011-12-13 04:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am behind on Good Wife (me and my TV are on a break) so it is nice to read your post and feel caught up. Also, I hate the Once Upon pilot. Was shocked when people I like started liking it.

Been meaning to try Misfits.

Caught up on Parks + Rec tho, because like you said, most entertaining show on TV. And totally something I can watch on my lunch break!

Date: 2011-12-14 01:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Definitely catch up with The Good Wife when you get back together with your TV. This season has been really good so far.

Once Upon a Time hasn't really improved from the pilot either. And the thing is it could be really good. The actors are all pretty great and the concept is interesting. But the writers just don't push the material far enough. It's Disney for little kids instead of the 18-34 age bracket.

Misfits is amazing. I shudder at the thought of the eventual American remake.

Parks and Rec makes me happy. That's not an easy thing for a TV show to do, but every week it brings me joy.


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