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Apparently we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt to thank for Arthur's wardrobe in Inception:

You know, I gotta say when I first started working on Inception, some of the drawings they showed me of their ideas for that character was uh sort of schlubby, sort of like, well he’s the tech guy, he runs the machines, you know, so maybe he should be wearing some sneakers and a plaid shirt et cetera and I was like “No, no, no.” This guy is in charge of making sure everything goes right. The Cobb character that Leonardo DiCaprio played, he’s like the artist and this guy’s like the producer. So, uh, I thought of my friend Jared, who is a theatre producer by day and he’s a very spiffy dresser. And I was like, “No, I want tailored suits and I want to slick back my hair, I want this guy to seem like meticulous, like he pays very close attention to detail.”

- source


The Hour

Jul. 21st, 2011 02:00 am
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Anyone else watch the first episode of The Hour? I really liked it. I know that some have been calling it the BBC's answer to Mad Men but they feel like different beasts to me.

Spoilers )

More )
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On the fuglification of Richard Armitage: Oh Peter Jackson, how could you do this to Richard Armitage? For those not familiar with Mr Armitage, he normally looks like this. Better, right?

On Harry Potter: I'm not super fannish about Harry Potter. I only went to the midnight screening because a friend organised it and I've never been involved in the fandom. Occasionally I feel the urge to read fic for certain characters - I went through a Tonks/Lupin phase last year and right now I'm reading a quite good James/Lily fic (though it does have the most appalling overuse of epithets I've ever seen. The Gryffindor/the redhead/the witch/the prefect - just call her Lily).

Random thoughts on Slytherin and house rivalry )

On Inception: Five ways I would describe Arthur in canon: loyal, capable, intelligent, sarcastic, well-dressed.

Five ways I would describe Arthur in fanon: repressed, aloof, unimaginative, cold, constantly wearing a three-piece suit.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately as I've gotten a couple of comments during the past month on the costume meta that I wrote and they've all mentioned that they also think that canonical Arthur is nowhere near as uptight as the fandom generally writes him. More on characterisation )

On Harry Potter and Inception: My dashboard on Tumblr was 40% Harry Potter and 40% Inception all weekend. So I sent the dream team to Hogwarts.

Fic: Construction )
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World's easiest Harry Potter themed costume: get a picture frame (sans glass and backing), carry it around all night, and tell people you're a wizard portrait. Invite people into your portrait.

Slightly more transportable version of the world's easiest Harry Potter themed costume: construct a picture frame out of cardboard. Fold it up and put it in your bag when it's time to watch the movie.
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If, like me, you have a soft spot for Harrison Ford but have been disappointed by his choices over the last fifteen years (terrible movies, dating Calista Flockhart, that earring) then watch this series of interviews he did with Jon Favreau to promote his upcoming movie (Cowboys and Aliens) and it'll restore your faith a bit. He's funny, charming, and tells some good stories.

Topics of discussion include the importance of costume design (Ford gets it), Sam Rockwell's fear of horses, and, of course, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. One thing I always forget about Ford is how thoughtful he can be about character and his acting choices. In one of the videos he talks about the "I love you"/"I know" scene in The Empire Strikes Back and why he fought George Lucas when Lucas wanted Han to say "I love you too" as it would have been totally out of character.

It's funny, but despite creating some of the most beloved characters in the history of film, Ford probably won't be remembered as a great actor, in the ranks of Brando, De Niro, and Day Lewis, but I think that for a while there he really was a good one. Hopefully Cowboys and Aliens will prove that he still is.
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Last night I went and saw X-Men: First Class with a friend and I liked it so much that when my parents decided to go see it tonight, I went with them to see it again (also, I never turn down a parentally-funded outing). And even though I would have liked a lot more time in between viewings, I still had a really great time.

Overall, I'd say it is a better movie than Thor as it had greater emotional depth and the arcs for some of the characters were more complex and darker too. The plot, though it had a few elements I didn't like, was generally very strong. It certainly wasn't as light-hearted as Thor but it still had some hilarious moments and most of the actors displayed great comic timing with their line readings.

The actors were mostly pretty great. James McAvoy is wonderful as the young Charles Xavier, managing to pull off the character's innate wisdom and unflinching sincerity while also imbuing him with a youthful swagger that is absolutely charming. Michael Fassbender is equally great, capturing Erik's vulnerability as well as his ruthlessness. I expect that Charles/Erik will be huge, but though they have great chemistry I don't think I could ship them: the film demonstrates quite well how their different philosophies must separate them.

When it comes to the women, I really liked Raven aka Mystique and Moira MacTaggert. Both were strong, intelligent, independent, and had their own goals. Spoilers for relationships and discussion of January Jones as Emma Frost )

Nicholas Hoult is grade-A adorkable as Hank McCoy and Kevin Bacon was clearly having a blast as Sebastian Shaw. Spoilers )

I loooved the guy's costumes. Excellent suits, yes, but also really good sports wear and by that I don't mean the grey sweats some of the characters ended up in. Charles had several lovely sweaters and Erik's casual threads were excellent. I did not like how often we saw women in underwear and I found Emma Frost's entire wardrobe very eye-roll worthy. Riptide was always dapper as fuck, which I appreciated, and Sebastian Shaw owned a lovely collection of cravats.

And now, some random spoilery thoughts )

Finally, there's no scene after the credits end so there is no need to stay unless you find the Take That song that plays over them insanely catchy.

What does everybody else think? I say: bring on the sequels.
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I just found one of my favourite documentary series on YouTube, cleverly titled Savile Row because it is about the tailors of Savile Row and their bespoke craftsmanship. If you've ever been interested in what makes and what goes into making a good suit, then this is well worth a watch, especially the first episode (there are three). It also discusses the changing market and how mass produced and designer wear threatens this niche industry. Above all, it shows how good tailoring is an art form and that these skills need to be passed on and treasured.
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1. I changed my layout. May change it again or play around with the colours.

2. Do you ever see businesses or meet people and they have the same name as someone famous? Not just the first name but the entire name? Yesterday I saw a car with 'Kevin Smith Cleaning Services' written on the side. Two weeks ago I walked past 'Leonard Cohen Legal Attorneys.' My thought on both occasions was that there should be a blog or a Tumblr dedicated to the phenomena. Which will lead to a book deal. And then a film (it would feature the famous people doing the jobs of their less famous name-sharers).

3. I've been waiting on tenterhooks for this episode of The Good Wife and it did not disappoint. Spoilers )

4. The Chicago Code has been cancelled and I am bummed but not crushed. I thought that with time it might have sorted out the kinks and become truly great but I understand that the ratings haven't been good. I think the latest episode demonstrated a few of its weak points all too well. Spoilers )

5. One of my favourite TV shows of last year (that I think I only posted about on Tumblr) was The Trip, a British comedy starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Basically, they play fictionalised versions of themselves and go on a trip together where they review restaurants in the north of England. You don't need to be familiar with either of them or their careers to enjoy it (I know, because I showed it to my mother and she loved it), because they establish the relationship and the tension between them really well and after that you just sit back and enjoy their duelling impressions, their petty squabbles, and the surprising moments of humanity.

The TV show was directed by Michael Winterbottom as a six episode series and he has re-edited it as a film for international audiences. The trailer is here and below is one of my favourite scenes.

6. It's that time of year again: Eurovision! Because they only sing one song throughout the competition, I don't watch the semi-finals because I like to be shocked, awed, and appalled by the final on Sunday. But I did find a bunch of photos of the costumes we can look forward to and they are under the cut.

Eurovision is the definition of so bad it's good )
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Spoilers )

If you haven't seen this already, you must: some guy made his own Muppet Theatre Playset from scratch and it is so freakin' cool! I love it and I want it but I have neither the talent nor the patience to do it myself.

This is a series of pictures depicting historical costumes entirely made out of paper. It's amazing work.

This is really only good for a laugh. It's the trailer for Anonymous, which takes the theory that Shakespeare wrote none of his plays and turns it into a big budget, conspiracy laden epic from the director of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.

The tag line: We've all been played.

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Woah. Someone has uploaded The Baby-sitters Club TV show to YouTube so I've been indulging in a little late 80s/early 90s nostalgia. The acting! The theme song! And, best of all, the costumes! Kristy's turtle necks, Dawn's "California Casual" look, and Mary-Anne's frumpy duds are all as I remembered them, but Stacey isn't nearly stylish enough for her New York upbringing (stereotypes FTW!) and Claudia's outfits seem kind of restrained considering what she wore in the books. Check it:

Nobody, but nobody, dresses like Claudia. At least, nobody in our grade. (We used to have a friend, another member of the Baby-sitters Club, named Stacey McGill, who dressed kind of like Claudia. But Stacey moved back to New York, where she used to live. And anyway, trust me, Claudia is unique.) The best way to get this point across is to describe to you what Claudia was wearing at lunch that day. It was her vegetable blouse: an oversized white shirt with a green vegetable print all over it - cabbages and squashes and turnips and stuff. Under the blouse was a very short jean skirt, white stockings, green anklets over the stockings, and lavender sneakers, the kind boys usually wear, with a lot of rubber and big laces and the name of the manufacturer in huge letters on the sides. Wait, I'm not done. Claudia had pulled the hair on one side of her head back with a yellow clip that looked like a poodle. The hair on the other side of her head was hanging in her face. Attached to the one ear you could see was a plastic earring about the size of a jar lid. Awesome.

No joke, I would dress as Claudia Kishi for a costume party in a heartbeat. I kinda wish I hadn't sold my BSC books back in the day.
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Jeffrey Kurland, whose amazing costumes for Inception that I love and picspammed the hell out of, lost out in the contemporary film category of the Costume Designer Guild Awards to Amy Westcott of Black Swan.

And I'd so gotten my hopes up. I totally thought that the CDG, the only institution to recognise Kurland's work with a nomination, would also give him the award. I was like: "Yep, everyone else is blind to these absolutely fantastic costumes, but it's ok, Kurland's peers will get it. They will see the effort and the skill and the creativity that went into these costumes. They will understand what "bespoke" means and will be suitably impressed that almost every item of clothing the main characters wear was made specifically for this film. He will win."

This would sting less if Black Swan deserved it but in my opinion it doesn't. It seems I'm not the only one cynical enough to think that Amy Westcott was given the award - at least in part - as a sign of guild solidarity after the controversy involving the designers from Rodarte claiming more credit than they deserved for their involvement with the film.


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