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Today I was 20 minutes late for work. Why? Western Australia has switched over to Daylight Savings. And I had no idea.

More on Daylight Savings and a poll )

Office Christmas party/booze cruise: because sometimes my life is just like TV )

And sometimes it is better )

Finally I have updated the emo!sleeve picspam to include Logan's emo!sleeved fists of fury!
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So Logan Echolls does this thing with his sleeves on Veronica Mars. It's hot. They're called 'emo!sleeves.' And I'm a fan.

My original piscpam is here but because rich text mode is the devil's tool, it won't let me update that post anymore without frelling the frak up. So I won't be updating that post anymore and the emo!sleeves will now live here.

Spoilers to 3.09.

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This is the first time this season I've been this excited about Veronica Mars! Plus, there were emo!sleeves!!!!

Oh the awesome! )

VM fic rec

Sep. 17th, 2006 04:37 pm
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So as most of you know, I have a thing for Logan's sleeves and what he does with them. I refer to them as 'emo!sleeves' or, if I'm feeling verbose, 'Logan's long sleeves of emotional vulnerability.'

There is a fairly comprehensive picspam if you are unaware of this quirky character trait.

And now, [ profile] dark_roast, who is generally the most awesome person to have ever awesomed, has once again raised the bar for awesomeness by writing this fic about the emo!sleeves.

Read it! Spread the emo!sleeve love!
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I have updated my picspam on Logan's long sleeves of emotional vulnerability aka his emo!sleeves here.

It now contains spoilers for 2.22 so click at your own risk.
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Hi! I'm Bennet and I'm insane! Why am I insane, you ask? Well that's because I'm picspaming at 10:00 PM when I haven't even started my anthropology notes for class tomorrow.

Yep. I'm nuts.

But this has to be done.

Updated 14/5/06 to include the rest of season 2.

Updated 11/10/06 to include 3.01.


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