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Jan. 17th, 2012 01:10 am
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Trust me, you really want to read this fic where Pepper Potts is Iron Woman, Tony Stark is her PA, Peggy Carter is Captain America, Steve Rogers is her WW2 era boyfriend, Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman, etc, etc, etc.
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If you ever liked Pushing Daisies, ZIG, ZAG, And Being Caught In Between by [ profile] seriousfic is a wonderful read.
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This feels weird to feel but I am actually looking forward to a Ben Affleck film since I read this Wired article on the origins of the plot. Basically, during the Iran Hostage Crisis, six embassy workers managed to escape and hide out at the Canadian Embassy for a couple of months until the CIA orchestrated an escape plan involving a fake science fiction film to get them out. Naturally the CIA's involvement was kept secret so Canada has been taking the credit for the last thirty years (the wikipedia entry on the subject is entitled Canadian Caper). But Ben Affleck's film looks like it's going to redirect the spotlight back to the Americans involved, specifically the CIA and the Hollywood film industry (natch).

Here is a tutorial on how to get around Release 88.

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Hey hey hey. Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. I stayed in London, spending Christmas with friends, preparing and then eating an absurd amount of food.

I should be studying right now but...Yuletide. I am going through the fandoms alphabetically and currently I am somewhere among the H's. Here are a bunch of recs I've got so far.

Definitely something for everyone here )
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There is an awesome Doctor Who/Good Omens crossover here: Playing Gods.
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I was just re-reading A Lack of Basic Parenting Skills by [personal profile] alocalband.


It's one of my favourites. I read it back when I didn't have a lj and had to comment.

A future fic, it will not give you a cavity from fluff. Fantastic characterisation, brilliant writing, well plotted - this is the fic you never knew you wanted. It features Logan, Veronica and Duncan.

So please, go read this fic NOW. You won't be disappointed.


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