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So I says to myself, "Self, why do you like Gia so much? She's a fairly minor character in season 2 of Veronica Mars, she tends to dress badly and she's exactly the kind of ditzy person who you hate in real life. Why have you written two fics about her, included her your mood theme and created a picspam in her honor?"

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After the fall out of episode 2.22 of Veronica Mars I really wanted to read something about Gia but I haven't come across anything so far. I've tried to write this fic so many times (ok, only about 5 times) and I finally had a break through this morning at about 1 AM.

Title: Fragile 
Author: Bennet
Pairing/Character: Gia, Logan, mentions of others
Word Count: 1,262
Rating: R for adult themes
Summary: Gia sits in the Sheriff's Department. Logan offers some words of advice.
Spoilers: Post 2.22, about a week after.
Author's Notes: Born out of my desire for angsty Gia fic, the characterisation was guess work as we haven't seen her dealing with this kind of situation in canon. She's had a little time to come to terms with what has happened but is still having difficulty accepting the truth. Logan is not his usual sarcastic self because he knows what Gia is going through and they finally have something in common - he's being nice ;-)

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Through out season 2 of Veronica Mars, there was a character who delighted us with her wit, made us go 'huh?' at her hair and confounded us with her complete and utter cluelessness.

This character's name was Veronica.

However, these traits also apply to the fantastically ditzy Gia Goodman.

Come with me as we look at the evolution of Gia.

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So I was taking a study break and having a look over at [community profile] veronicamarsfic's tag list when I saw that there wasn't a tag for Gia/Logan fics.

Obviously, something had to be done to remedy this situation. Despite the pressing need to finish this history essay.

Title: So close
Author: Bennet
Pairing/Character: Gia/Logan
Word Count: 750
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: Gia and Logan talk. 2.17 AU
Spoilers: 2.17
Warnings: This is crack!fic. You have been warned.
Author's Note: Written specifically because there was no tag for Gia/Logan fics in the [community profile] veronicamarsfic tag list. Also, all telepathic conversations are in italics.


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