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BBC 1 has just announced its Autumn line-up and there are quite a few shows I'm interested in. The Autumn promo can be viewed here where you'll also find a clip from the next Doctor Who special.

The press release is pretty nifty and if you click on pictures in the carousel there are clips to be watched. No mention of premiere dates yet. I'm liking:

- Emma, a new Jane Austen adaptation that is not by Andrew 'Wet Shirts' Davies. Hurrah for that! But I'm not completely charmed by the clips I've seen. I really love the Gwyneth Paltrow version - she's perfectly cast in that one. Who better to play a snobby, know-it-all patrician that Gwyneth? And Jeremy Northam is truly excellent as Mr Knightley. I am looking forward to seeing Tamsin Grieg in this new version as Miss Bates, though I can't see how Sophie Thompson's delightful performance will be topped.

- Garrow's Law. This one is a bit similar to my current crack Casualty 1909, in that it's based on real people and real cases tried at the Old Bailey in Georgian London. William Garrow pioneered the cross-examination of prosecution witnesses at a time when the witnesses received payment for assisting in a conviction. He played a huge role in creating the adversarial trial system that we have today. So yay! for more exciting social history on TV. Best of all, Garrow is being played by Andrew Buchan from Cranford and The Fixer. Lyndsey Marshal has been cast as a regular and it's a good bet that she'll be playing his fiancee/wife and hopefully she'll be cool too.

I shall probably check out Material Girl and Paradox too.

Heading back to the other side of the Atlantic, I watched Warehouse 13 from Sci Fi Syfy and was mostly bored. Still pondering 10 Things I Hate About You which I posted on yesterday. I need to watch it and discuss it with my sister or the BFF.
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Previous icon dump here. In this one we've got:

30 Rock: 5
Slings & Arrows: 2
How I Met Your Mother: 5
Rushmore: 5
The Office (US): 2
Aaron Eckhart: 1
Iron Man: 4
Chuck: 1
The Secret Garden: 2
Press Gang: 5
Emma: 12
Kiss kiss, bang bang: 23

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Icon dump

Jan. 17th, 2008 03:26 pm
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In this post: Doctor Who 29 (The Voyage of the Damned), Northanger Abbey 26 (mostly Henry Tilney, as played by the wonderful JJ Feild), The Office 9 (US, mostly 3.21), Half Nelson 4, Pushing Daisies 7 (1.02), and assorted miscellany.

Also, I'm going through a black & white phase so there are quite a few variations in the mix.

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Hello internet! I hope you all haven't decamped for some other journal site as I have a couple of random bits and pieces to share.

For the Austen fans, here is the first picture of Elinor and Marianne from the BBC's new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

I'm sure you're capable of guessing which is which.

I'm cautiously optimistic for this new production. The script was written by Andrew Davies, who did the 95 Pride and Prejudice and the recent Northanger Abbey, so 'yay' there. However, I really love Emma Thompson's film version with ALAN RICKMAN and Hugh Laurie and Greg Wise and Kate Winslet and Ang Lee's gorgeous direction. I'm not really sure that this new version is necessary, just like the new film version of Pride and Prejudice wasn't necessary (or good, for that matter).

And while I like David Morrissey very much as an actor (I recently watched Our Mutual Friend with my mum and she was blown away by his performance in that), he doesn't have Alan Rickman's middle-aged hotness or Alan Rickman's voice of short, Alan Rickman owns that role for me and David Morrissey just isn't going to cut it.


For the fans of Friday Night Lights, the season 1 DVD cover has been released and's fugly.

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I get that the Panthers' colours are blue and yellow but did they have to make all the photos so horribly yellow? Against the blue background, it's terrible. I also really dislike the photos they've chosen. They do very little to show what the show is all about. And while I applaud their decision to make Kyle Chandler look like the Jesus, where is Connie Britton's matching halo?

So yeah. Change the cover NBC.

For fans of Kenneth Branagh I have...well a story about Kenneth Branagh.

I was working on Sunday (for those not in the know, I am a waitress at a very fancy French restaurant) and at one of my tables was this really lovely couple. They asked me my name (this has happened exactly once before) and what I was studying and I mentioned I'd done a unit on Shakespeare last semester. This lead them to tell me that their daughter basically wrote to Kenneth Branagh asking for help on how to get into the business of show (on the technical side) and he wrote back and she wound up working with him on Othello in Italy! Her parents have even had dinner with him and say he's just lovely.

*waits for everyone to get back from writing letters, either 'Ken, please let me learn from your wisdom' or 'Ken, please let me have your babies!'*

Finally, another picture, one that is just plain adorable. One of my favourite things about Alias was the relationship between Sydney Bristow, and her father, Jack. Well, the actors playing Sydeny and Jack, Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber, became really close (he was at her wedding to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wasn't! ZOMG!!1!) and it's nice to see that they still are in a friendly, not creepy at all kind of way.

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How cute is that? And that stroller looks a bit too small for her daughter so it's obviously a present which makes the whole thing even more adorable. Still, even holding a tiny pink stroller, he totally looks like he would torture you in the most painful way imaginable for just saying Sydney's name.

Because Jack Bristow is a badass. *nods*
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I quite enjoyed the Heroes finale, though the episode is falling apart a bit now that I think about it. Still...

Spoilers )

And I haven't seen Veronica Mars yet so please don't spoil me.
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Tragically, this is not an April Fools joke.

ITV is to turn Pride and Prejudice into a time-travel saga. The broadcaster wants to emulate the success of the BBC One series Life on Mars, in which a detective is catapulted back in time, and build on the triumph of a run of Jane Austen adaptations, featuring stars such as Billie Piper.

In Lost in Austen, Amanda, a chardonnay-swigging West London girl, discovers a bonnet-wearing woman in her bathroom who introduces herself as Elizabeth Bennet. Through a series of accidents, Amanda is transported to Regency England, where she melts before Mr Darcy’s brooding glare. Miss Bennet, meanwhile, breathes life into the modern girl’s useless boyfriend.

Sure it's every Austen fan's dream to travel back in time and meet have hot sex with Mr Darcy but people, IT'S A DREAM!! SOMETIMES IT'S REALLY BAD FANFIC!! BUT WE DON'T WANT TO ACTUALLY SEE IT ON TV!!

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I haven't posted in aaaaaages. Sorry about that. Life has been weird.

Item the first: Back at university. This is actually my third week and it's all just going so fast. I'm taking a unit on Shakespeare, a unit on the theory of Comedy (Moliere and the Marx Brothers, woo!) and a unit on revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe. I should really be studying right now as I have a debate on Friday. My team is arguing that pre-revolution France wasn't actually so bad ;-)

Item the second: Got a new job today. I'm going to be waitressing at one of the best restaurants in the country. Seriously. It's won that award twice. The head chef has been awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France's highest culinary award) and he's been knighted (Chevalier Dans L'Ordre National du Merite).

Question: Should I curtsy when I start next week? Or just kiss his shoes and thank him for giving me this job?

Item the third: I was surprised to discover that three Austen novels have been turned into new mini-series: Persuasion, Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park. The official website is also up and running with trailers and galleries.

(Sense and Sensibility is in pre-production.)

Mansfield Park airs this Sunday and stars Billie Piper, James D'Arcy and Blake Ritson (I loved him on Red Cap). Mansfield Park is not one of my favourite Austen novels and I'd never pictured Billie Piper as an Austen heroine (a Dickens character sure) but I'll still be downloading it.

I'm a lot more excited about Northanger Abbey which is my third favourite Austen novel (after Pride and Prejudice and Emma) and was scripted by Andrew Davies who wrote the screenplay for the definitive and most wonderful version of Pride and Prejudice ever committed to screen (SHUT UP Keira Knightley! Go jump in a lake except don't because Colin Firth already did and it was awesome. Take your bangs and never darken my doorstep again!). Then again, Davies also wrote the 1996 version of Emma starring Kate Beckinsale which was entirely sucky and some of it can be blamed on the script. Hmm.

I'm also not much of a fan of Persuasion which lacks so much of the Austen wit. However, this version will star Rupert Penry-Jones in all his prettyness (Side-note: The new season of Spooks starts this friday for those in Oz) and Anthony Stewart Head.

Anyway, here are some pics, courtesy of [ profile] jellybeanie87, of all three productions.

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