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This feels weird to feel but I am actually looking forward to a Ben Affleck film since I read this Wired article on the origins of the plot. Basically, during the Iran Hostage Crisis, six embassy workers managed to escape and hide out at the Canadian Embassy for a couple of months until the CIA orchestrated an escape plan involving a fake science fiction film to get them out. Naturally the CIA's involvement was kept secret so Canada has been taking the credit for the last thirty years (the wikipedia entry on the subject is entitled Canadian Caper). But Ben Affleck's film looks like it's going to redirect the spotlight back to the Americans involved, specifically the CIA and the Hollywood film industry (natch).

Here is a tutorial on how to get around Release 88.

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I have not updated in ages which is so weird because I check LJ practically everyday. But for me LJ is about escapism and I don't much care to rehash the boring details of my life when I could be finding new David Tennant picspams to drool over, searching for that perfect Pushing Daisies fanfic, or popping in on bat shit crazy fandoms like Twilight to point and laugh (They're so earnest and pissed off - it's great (am I being mean? I think I am).

Anyway, here is what is new with me:

1. University is over until March next year. My exams weren't great and I haven't checked out my results yet. I'm hoping that my class work will help me maintain my HDs but I'll probably get knocked down to Distinctions which will suck but I suck at exams and that's life.

2. I'm going to Egypt next year for about two weeks. I'm really excited but I'm going by myself (I'm doing an 8 day tour when I get there but I will be on my own for several days) and so that excitement is heavily tinged with nervousness. But it's all booked and paid for (except for two nights accommodation in Alexandria - any recommendations, let me know!) so there's no backing out now. Plus I've been wanting to do this since I was 7.

3. I just can't believe that the writers strike is still going on. I thought it would be sorted by now.

4. We have a new Prime Minister in Australia! And we're ratifying Kyoto! Our days being America's lap dog are over! Go us!

5. TV-wise, I'm loving Cranford and Top Gear (thank hypothetical deities for the BBC!) After ten episodes of not watching Moonlight but being a member of a Moonlight community I finally watched Moonlight. It's terribly cheesy but I kinda like it and you can actually see it improving.

Finally, I am not a fan of Jack Black. But every time I watch this trailer, I not only laugh, I feel happy and hopeful. Maybe it's the magical powers of Mos Def and Michel Gondry working to tone down Jack Black's Jack Blackness. Whatever it is, I can't wait for this film which looks to be not only good but great.

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I haven't updated in ages. I have been a) busy with school and work, and b) annoyed with the incredible stupidity of Strikethrough 2007.

Anyway, I'll be staying with Live Journal for the foreseeable future. You don't have to go to Greatest Journal, Insane Journal, Myspace or my house to read my posts.

The reason I'm posting now is my latest love: Korean drama Goong. Someone uploaded it to a community I belong to with this picture:

And my brain went: ooh! How insanely cute!

Then I started researching and discovered it was about an arranged marriage between a common-born girl, Chae-Kyeong, and the crown prince of Korea, Shin (in an AU world where South Korea has a monarchy). Chae-Kyeong agrees to it to save her family from bankruptcy and Shin agrees after his proposal to his girlfriend, ballerina Hyo-Rin, is rejected. Though Chae-Kyeong attempts to connect with Shin, Shin is still in love with Hyo-Rin and is quite the jerk to Chae-Kyeong. Conflict also arises when the former crown prince, Yool, returns to Korea after 14 years of living in exile with his scheming mother, and falls for Chae-Kyeong.

I hadn't watched any Asian television dramas prior to this so my expectations were all over the place but I really enjoyed it. It's very melodramatic, with equal parts romance, comedy and angst, and won't appeal to everyone, but if you don't mind subtitles and you do like contained stories where plot points don't drag on forever, this could be for you.

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Anyway, I loved this, am looking forward to reading the manhwa it was based on and hope they do create a second season. In any case, I have a delightful new source of excellent TV.
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I was just checking out someones user pic page in an attempt to find credit for an icon I liked and discovered that you can now get an email notification if someone uploads a new icon to their user pic page.

Sure some people have excellent taste in icons but if you're just going to go get the same icons as them, you're hardly going to be original and the point of having icons is to personalise your posts.

In the words of Groove Armarda: "If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other."

I think it's just creepy and a waste of programming. Why can't they spend time on useful stuff like making it so that you can edit comments? I'm sure we'd all find that handy.
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Did you know that lj limits us to only 150 interests for our user info pages?

It's true. Unfortunately, this is bad news for me as I have a lot of interests that the world has to know about. For example my interest in marrying David Tennant is a very important facet of my character. And Logan's emo!sleeves - if we do not advertise The Sleeves in our user infos, HOW WILL THE SLEEVE LOVING CRAZE CATCH ON?!?

I need more interest slots available to me. A new season of TV is on the horizon which means a whole bunch of things to be interested in. Like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - I don't know who I'm going to ship on that show yet (Matt/Harriet, Matt/Jordan, Danny/Harriet, Danny/Jordan and OMG would that show start airing already?) but hey, I want to be able to proclaim my ship tendency to the world.

So yes, dilemma. It's got me thinking I might just have to re-design my user info in some way.

Oh livejournal, couldn't we just have an unlimited amount of interests?

ETA: I really wish that livejournal offered a Commonwealth spell check - I don't want to use icky American spelling. Also it would be really cool if we could add words to the spell check - like you can with MS Word.
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So I got my new credit card today and upgraded my account.

But right now I really need to talk about the latest episode of 'Veronica Mars'.


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