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Studio 60 was really excellent this week. It's developing a good rhythm and I think it's just going to get better and better.

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Today I bought a new laptop! I wanted to go Mac but they are way expensive and for $200 less than the cheapest MacBook I got twice the hard drive so I'm satisfied. Just need to get the wireless sorted out and then I'll be a happy camper. I'm going from a 6 GB hard drive to 120 GB - I don't know what I'm going to do with all that space.

Ok, that's a lie. I know exactly what I'm going to do with it.

1. Finally have all my music in one place.
2. Finally have all my programs in one place.
3. Finally be able to keep my TV shows for ever and ever instead of having to delete them.
4. Have a really big party in the rest.


2 1/2 hours before Veronica Mars finishes downloading. I'm going to go and work on the new and exciting thing we'll be doing with [ profile] neptune_online, of which the latest issue is up! Go read, it's aaaawesome.
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The latest and last issue of The Neptune Navigator Online is up.

It features, a review of The Graduate, a discussion about Communism (with Python references!) and a poem about Supernatural amongst other things.

It is the last, because the gang is off to college and they can't be doing a high school blog anymore. Keep watching [ profile] neptune_online though, as we aren't done yet.

I'm really proud of this issue. The previous issue just abounds with awesome and I found it very easy to write. This week, I struggled a bit with my pieces. Still, I think this issue is as good as the previous one and that is because of the excellent team of writers and editors who contributed.

I was surprised yesterday when I realised that this would be our 11th issue. When this thing got started I thought I'd just be editing it - I never thought I'd be writing. I thought I wouldn't have too, that fic writers great and...not so great would be lining up to submit articles. That hasn't been the case. We do have a small group of quality writers who are fantastic - I just sometimes wish there were more of them!

However, I started writing with the first issue and I love it. It's a really fun way to write the characters and so far I've published 16 articles. My favourites though, are the ones I didn't write, just got to sit back and enjoy.

Which is something you can do right now. Go read, laugh, love and share with your friends.
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A Supernatural  fan, having discovered [profile] neptune_online through a Supernatural community and having read Gia's review of Supernatural, is now going to start watching Veronica Mars!

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Here is all my Veronica Mars fanfic. I'm not terribly prolific but it's the thought that counts after all ;-)

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The latest issue of [profile] neptune_online covering episodes 2.04 and 2.05 is here.

It contains: - The events of Pirate Week from Duncan.
                     - Veronica and Wallace on The Office.
                     - Weevil on tattoos.
                     - Madison's interview of Sheriff Don Lamb. 
                     - Dick's interview of Keith Mars.
                     - Gia's review of Supernatural.
                     - Logan's advice
                     - Sound off on the Sheriff election.

It's an awesome read so go and read it!

I had an exam today but it was pretty meh, because I don't really wake up until 11 AM and the exam started at 9 AM. Oh well.

But then I went shopping in the city and I finally managed to buy Eskimo Joe's new album (if you want it, just ask).

I also went to the brand new Borders Book Store and it is beauuuuutiful. I love a good book store (well I love any book store really).

I bought Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and I'm loving it so far. It takes the number of books I'm reading at the moment to 4 (also reading The French Lieutenant's Woman, Thief of Time and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) but I love having multiple books on the go - I've always read like that.

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So the first edition of the brand new blog [profile] neptune_online is here!

This is a fan produced blog, featuring characters from 'Veronica Mars' on a range of topics.

In this edition we have Madison's 'Celebrity Scoop', Veronica tells us how to do a 'Bump and Bait', Logan answers your letters, Weevil discusses cars and Gia gives us some advice on making friends. Jackie and Cora are our fashion police, while Carrie Bishop gets us up to date on all of Neptune High's gossip.

Long time fans of Veronica Mars will love this but we also think it can be enjoyed by non-fans, so be sure to encourage all of your friends, even the ones who don't watch Veronica Mars to give it a read.

We've worked hard on this and we think it's great fun so go and check it out. Be sure to friend the journal to get weekly updates!


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