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- Right now I'm going through a Sif/Loki from Thor phase. Luckily [ profile] cobweb_diamond is also feeling these feelings (THERE ARE SO MANY) and I have been able to piggyback on her fandom adventures. Here is a handy dandy ship manifesto she put together.

- I tried out Pan Am for four episodes but it's just not good. Dropped.

- I marathoned Once Upon A Time a couple of weeks ago and was charmed but it's not very good either. It's just too Disney. I'll give it a couple more episodes, though.

- I am watching and sometimes enjoying Hart of Dixie without shame (I am a duck and your judgement is the rain). I really think it would be a better show if Rachel Bilson banged her hot redneck neighbour instead of pining for nice lawyer guy who is engaged.

- Shows I am watching out of habit: The Office and How I Met Your Mother. The former is close to being dropped.

- I really enjoy Revenge but I don't care about any of the characters. It's a weird new experience for me because normally I find at least one character to invest in but here there is no emotional involvement on my part. I mean, I guess I like Nolan best but I probably wouldn't if he didn't dress as he does. Thing I am excited about: Spoilers )

- The Dan and Blair Show is apparently coming back this week!

- If you're looking for a hilarious half-hour British comedy, may I recommend Spy? It stars a bunch of awesome people (including Mat Baynton from Horrible Histories!) in the story of a single dad who is unwittingly recruited into MI:6 but cannot win the approval of his Machiavellian nine year old son (for real, his kid is amazing. Normally I hate precocious kids but Marcus is a little shit who reads George W. Bush biographies and wants to head the IMF. I love him.).

- I have tried Ricky Gervais's new show. Was not impressed but I'll give it the series.

- For my fill of drama The Good Wife has been kicking ass and taking names, Being Erica has had issues but is still wonderful, and Homeland has been rocking my socks off. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis for all the awards.

- Yes, Dan Harmon, you are really clever but your constant need to point out how clever you are (and also - always - the way you have turned Britta into the buttmonkey) is disrupting my enjoyment of Community.

- Misfits is amazing. I don't miss Nathan at all.

- But in conclusion: Parks and Rec is the best! I would like to go on the record and state how much I love it.
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If I didn't have to run to class right now, this would be a post where I flail over Parks and Rec.

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Dear London,

I did not move here for 35 °C weather. I moved here so that I could wear awesome coats and pretty scarves and woollen hats and knee high boots.

No love,



Shows I am no longer watching: The Secret Circle. Boooooooring.

Shows that have one more episode to get their act together: The Vampire Diaries. Aimless. Muddled. Unexciting. It's sad to see Paul Wesley step up to the plate when it's in service of a terrible story.

Shows that offer brief moments of joy, but largely disappoint me: Community. Spoilers )

In conclusion, the show that is the best ever: Parks and Recreation.
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Ha ha, I haven't even moved into my accommodation yet (I'm still staying at a hostel) but nothing will keep me from Parks and Rec! NOTHING!

My favourite show is baaaaaaack )
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1. I hate the new Firefox update. It's making a whole bunch of things not work properly.

2. Google Chrome is also being a jerk.

3. Internet Explorer is a thing and it exists on my computer because I bought it that way. I do not care to use it.

4. But I'm not downloading another browser because that just feels ridiculous.


'The History of English in Ten Minutes' is funny and informative.

6. Since starting this entry and posting it I have gone shopping and bought a rug, eaten Chinese food, and watched several episodes of Parks and Rec with my mother (she's a fan!).

7. This is a recipe for home-made Churros that I might try tomorrow.

8. There was a kerfuffle on Tumblr and, apparently, Twitter this week when it appeared that the Oxford Style guide was dropping the Oxford comma, but this was just old and incomplete information making the rounds, so we can put down the pitchforks. It is reassuring to know that so many people care about correct punctuation, though.
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If you aren't watching Parks and Recreation you should. I know I've said it before but I honestly believe that you are missing out on one of the best and most enjoyable TV shows I have seen in a long time. It's funny, it's smart, it's heartwarming, and it's consistently awesome. Spoilers for latest episode )

I thought this last episode of Community was good but not great. Spoilers )

Doctor Who was pretty great! Spoilers )

Finally: EUROPE! I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU! HOW COULD YOU VOTE FOR Spoilers for the winner of Eurovision )

One of my favourite entries, from 2007.

This is what Eurovision should be!
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So all my Thursday night TV shows were pretty great this week.

Parks and Recreation was glorious. Spoilers )

I find Community so much better when it isn't being meta so this episode really worked for me. Spoilers )

This episode of The Office was so much more enjoyable than last week's. Spoilers )

And The Vampire Diaries continues to offer a masterclass in well-paced WTF moments. Spoilers )
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Some things that I watched in the order that I watched them.

The Killing

Another good episode but I'm slightly concerned that Spoilers )


I watched the first episode of the original Danish version of The Killing and damn it was weird. So many similarities, not just in terms of the script, but the shot composition and the acting choices as well - particularly Mitch Larsen. I knew before that the two series shared the same composer but it was really jarring to hear the same music cues used. There are some notable differences though, mostly in the structure. You learn something about Stan in the first Danish episode that only comes up in the fourth American one.

I know that the killer is going to be different and that the American version will eventually diverge from the original but for now I'm going to wait to watch the rest of Forbrydelsen until after The Killing is finished as its the latter I'm currently more involved with and I don't want to be spoiled on even the smallest details.

Game of Thrones

I wasn't super psyched for this one because it looked grim, depressing, and incesty and it is all those things but I enjoyed it anyway and am really looking forward to the next episode. Spoilers )

How I Met Your Mother

Decent! Loved the credits.


Beige! The only bright spot for me was Sarah's impression of Chuck's intersect face.

Cougar Town

Yes, I watch Cougar Town. I swear it's really really good! These episodes were no exception: funny, but with heart. Penny can!

The Chicago Code

I liked how this episode showed that there are people other than Gibbons that Teresa has to fight. Spoilers )

The Dan and Blair Show

Feeling remarkably optimistic about this one because Spoilers )

Parks and Recreation

Was the best! As always! Spoilers )


I enjoyed this episode a lot more than any other of late, even as it pointed out just how formulaic Community can be. Spoilers )

The Office

I was whelmed. Spoilers )

Doctor Who

I liked a lot of this episode but I think I'm going to need to see the next part to figure out if I love it. Spoilers, sweetie )
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I finished two books this weekend. First was Cold Comfort Farm which I adored and was the perfect palate cleanser to Jane Eyre (which I finished earlier in the week). I then watched the 1995 adaptation on YouTube and while it's difficult to imagine anybody else but Rufus Sewell as Seth and Stephen Fry as Mybug, I wouldn't mind it if the Beeb had another go at it because Kate Beckinsale was pretty disappointing as Flora.

I started The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano last night and finished it this afternoon. While it won't be making my favourites list any time soon, I was impressed by it because it contained a bunch of things I dislike but I wanted to keep reading it anyway. Whoever translated it from the original Italian did a good job.

I loved Parks and Rec this week. Well, I love it every week but this episode was particularly heart warming. It's probably the only show on at the moment which draws its comedy chiefly from its own good nature. If you're not watching it, you should.

Icon dump: The Chicago Code, The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, The Dan and Blair Show

Here )
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Spoilers )
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So for those who aren't watching Parks and Recreation, I strongly recommend that you do. The latest episode was the most joyful twenty minutes of television in recent memory.

For those who are watching a spoilery reaction )

After the awesomesauceness of Parks I found Community to be pretty lackluster but I did laugh a few times.

That Dan/Blair fic I started in the comments of my last post is coming soon.
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1. There is a Tumblr dedicated to cats that look like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. And then Vulture called up Nick Offerman and got him to comment on some of the posts ("You wouldn't guess it, but that's a look of abject pleasure on both the cat and Ron," says Offerman. "That would be Ron sitting by a burbling stream, redolent of trout."). Oh internet! The random joy that you bring!

2. Speaking of Nick Offerman, I've started my West Wing rewatch and I saw him in episode 1x05 aka "The Crackpots and These Women". He played one of the crackpots, part of the delegation that speaks to CJ about Pluie the wolf and the wolves-only highway they want the government to build. It's just the kind of outdoorsy thing I can see Ron being interested in if it weren't for the fact that he hates to see tax payer's money spent so frivolously. So I have decided that Ron was once an idealistic young man who believed in big government and went to the White House to plead his case, only for him to be rebuffed by CJ's disbelief and thus he became the Libertarian curmudgeon we all know and love (and now compare to cats!). If only he'd known about the position paper CJ went on to write, about the necessity of wildlife protection...

3. Still enjoying The Chicago Code. It's definitely more about the corruption and the politics than it is about the cases, which is good because crime procedurals generally bore me to turning off the TV. One unexpected source of delight is the scenery. They film on location and they really take advantage of it by shooting the streets of Chicago in a very cinematic way: lots of wide pans and overhead shots. I had no idea Chicago was so beautiful.

And it's an interesting when juxtaposed with The Good Wife which is set in Chicago but actually shot in New York and deals with similar subject matter. Already I've gotten a much better sense of Chicago itself in the three episodes of Code than I have from the season and a half I've seen of Wife.

4. I think we're headed for trouble in the Community fandom. I think it'll look like a shipper war but speaking for myself it's actually more complicated than that. I feel that the second season hasn't had the same depth of character as the first, with Abed and Troy being the only characters to grow. Jeff and Annie get most of the focus (him out of all the characters - which, yes, he is the main character, I know - and her out of all the girls) but they keep on playing the same beats: he eventually realises that he does love this rag-tag bunch of misfits, she runs into conflict over her standards/perfectionism, and the ship teasing continues apace. Pierce has actually regressed as a character, becoming more and more unlikeable. Britta and Shirley get pushed into the background far too often for my liking and often come across as one-note (something I attribute entirely to the writing).

Anyway, I've noticed some disagreements breaking out between Jeff/Annie shippers and people who aren't Jeff/Annie shippers. Trouble is on the horizon. We'll see if the next few episodes keep it at a rumble or cause the fandom to splinter.

5. I'm currently drinking wine that cost me $8.00. I'm having a hard time detecting the notes of melon and guava it's supposed to possess, so I guess you get what you pay for.
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So, I kind of want Off the Map to be cancelled quickly so that Caroline Dhavernas, Mamie Gummer (so good on The Good Wife!), and Zach Gilford can work on better shows. It's just some of the worst writing I've seen on TV in a while. Full of clichés and anvils and "LET'S TELL EACH OTHER OUR TRAGIC BACK STORIES RIGHT NOW". If it improves dramatically then please let me know and I'll pick it up again because I really do like those actors but right now I'm not going to download any more eps.

It's nice to have Community back but I am sick of the romantic plot lines. I think the show is much stronger when it focuses on the friendships and family aspect of the group. Spoilers )

The Good Wife continues to amaze and delight. These past two episodes have been less about using the law or evidence to get people off and more about the wheeling and dealing and rhetoric and manipulation, both inside and out of the courtroom - and that's fabulous. Spoilers )

Finally, Parks and Recreation is back! My joy is as great as Ron Swanson's moustache! This was such a feel-good episode (much more than The Office, this is a feel-good show) and I think it did a great job of reuniting everyone, humanising Chris, and introducing new viewers to the world of Pawnee. Speaking of Chris, I love that the reason he's funny is because he's so positive - there's nothing caustic or sarcastic about him - and I don't think the show is really mocking him because of it. No, his positivity and kindness is generally shown to be a good thing that also happens to be hilarious.
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Where is the latest episode of Parks and Recreation?! Alan Sepinwall's been saying how great the new season is for months, so that I'm almost in a lather of excitement and I can't find it anywhere. If anybody sees a link floating around please direct me to it post-haste.

ETA: Found it.
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I finished/handed in my thesis a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been decompressing. This has involved sleeping in late, taking the time to cook elaborate meals, reading books with no other purpose than enjoyment, re-establishing contact with friends and family, and watching a lot of TV that I missed out on.

Here are my thoughts on various shows.

10 Things I Hate About You )

Chuck )

Community )

Dance Academy )

Doctor Who )

The Good Wife )

How I Met Your Mother )

Modern Family )

The Office )

Parks and Recreation )

The Vampire Diaries )

So El-Jay, what's up?


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