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May. 8th, 2011 01:52 pm
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Previous icon dump here. In this one we've got:

30 Rock: 5
Slings & Arrows: 2
How I Met Your Mother: 5
Rushmore: 5
The Office (US): 2
Aaron Eckhart: 1
Iron Man: 4
Chuck: 1
The Secret Garden: 2
Press Gang: 5
Emma: 12
Kiss kiss, bang bang: 23

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Let's have a list of things that are quite awesome:

1. After approximately a million years, Elizabeth Peters has finally written another Vicky Bliss mystery and it is being published next month. I've always preferred her Amelia Peabody series but that has gotten a bit tired and stale of late, so I'm glad she's returned to the adventures of Vicky and the very swoon worthy Sir John Smythe (my crush on this character is epic). If you have no idea what I'm talking about here are the first five books in the series: Borrower of the Night, Street of Five Moons, Silhouette in Scarlett, Trojan Gold, Night Train to Memphis (1, 2, 4, and 5 are .lit, 3 is .html in a .rar).

I just finished re-reading Night Train to Memphis and it was amazing, partly because it is quite a good book but mostly because I've now been to most of the sites in Egypt mentioned in the book. Never before have I had that experience - of having been to the place that I'm reading about in a novel (well ok, I've read a couple of books that have been set in Sydney but it's not the same). When she described the pyramids and Sakkara and Karnak and King Tut's tomb (I agree, it's a disappointment) I didn't have to imagine what it's like - I know. Now that might not seem so amazing to people who live in places they also read about but it was a new experience for me - and one I rather enjoyed.

2. I was recently overcome with the desire to re-read a book that I had loved in high school but was faced with certain problems. Like that I couldn't remember the title. Or the author. Or the names of any of the characters. I had a vague idea of the plot which is that prince in a fantasy kingdom grows up with half a body and as his faithful companions die, body parts reappear. However, if you try typing that into Google you'll get a bunch of links to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Not helpful. Still, after much searching I discovered that it's called One for the Morning Glory and it's by John Barnes. Have now ordered a copy and am hoping it's as good as I remember (because I do remember it being very good).

3. Of the things that I am watching currently, I just finished re-watching the 2000 version of Wives and Daughters which is just a lovely adaptation of Gaskell's novel. It's one of Andrew Davies more restrained works - only one gratuitous wet shirt scene and it's almost a plot point!

4. Scans of the latest Invincible Iron Man have not yet appeared, which has me gnashing my teeth with impatience. When I fall for something I generally fall hard and I don't do well sitting around and waiting for my obsessions to come to me. Luckily, Comic Book Resources has the first 8 pages up which helps to take the edge off.

5. I started the great Press Gang rewatch of 2008 and am already onto the second season. It's not that I forget that this show is brilliant but I'm always reminded of it on rewatch. While Blink, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Forest of the Dead, and Jekyll are excellent examples of Steven Moffat's genius when it comes to pacing and structure and big stories, it's Press Gang that you really need to look to if you want to know what he's going to do with Doctor Who because Press Gang is all about characters and relationships and finding your way in the world. And it's got obsession and sacrifice and blaming yourself for the actions of others.

Honestly, the main reason I'm so excited about The Moff taking over Who is because I hope that it will give him the clout to bring about a Press Gang reunion special.

Random quote:

Spike: "You don't happen to be jealous of a girl I've never even met, do you?"

Lynda: "Of course I'm jealous, Spike. I wish I was the girl you've never even met."

Oh Lynda. Oh Spike. You're my favourite.
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Just spoilers from the latest Rob and Kristin chat.

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I need to get a new hard drive and that'll happen next week. But my wi-fi is working!

Also I have successfully changed degrees at university. Instead of doing a BA/B Ed, I am now just doing a BA. Major in history, minor in editing. No longer will I be forced to do Geography (I'd rather have someone stab me with a spork) or economics (I'd rather stab myself with a the eye).

I'm going to the Tegan and Sara concert here in Perth on Feb 11. Ticket was only $30, so that's really cool.

I bought Season 5 of 'Press Gang' on DVD. So brilliant. BEST. SHOW. EVER! The finale-gave me shivers. Any other PG fans out there on my flist, there is a really great new community for 'Press Gang' geeks [ profile] _____holding_on .

I've got work tonight and VM is also on, but expect some VM picspam in the next couple of hours. I told [ profile] irmak that I was planning a 'Star Wars' comparison, but I actually have something else in mind L/V related.

Also 'Donut Run'? Well I thought that the Duncan story was pretty stupid, but with my whole new 'positive side' thing, I'm just going to focus on the positive aspects. And that was some of the best Logan snark I've heard. I can't wait till Veronica starts giving as good as she's getting.

Finally, yesterday was Australia Day. I had Chinese for dinner ;-)

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I was just watching the 'Press Gang' episodes 'The Last Word: Part 1,' 'The Last Word: Part 2,' 'Holding On,' and 'Day Dreams.' I love 'Press Gang' and will eventually dedicate several entries extolling its virtues and trying to convince people to watch it. For now, here are some quotes that jumped out at me.

The Last Word: Part 1

Colin: Don't throw the ashtray.

Lynda: Don't shoot. He's a jerk.

Colin: Do you have to keep pointing at me, gun wise? Its just that I've got a naturally high fear level, probably if you were just a bit cross with me, that would do it.

Colin: Can I just say on behalf of everyone? I'm glad you didn't kill Kenny. That would have been one serious bummer. [I wonder if the creators of 'South Park' saw this]

Colin: Maybe you're just one of those wacky kids who likes to tease his friends with a loaded fire arm. We all know one.

Colin: Just remember I'm basically neutral in this on-going crisis situation.

Colin: You shouldn't really think of me as a hostage, more a facilitator

Colin had some really good lines in this ep! He manages to be heroic and self-centered at the same time.

The Last Word: Part 2

Lynda: You are contemptible.
Spike: I love it when you talk dirty.

Kenny: If I get killed doing this you're gonna feel really guilty.
Lynda: Why would I? You won't be around to tell me to.

I'm rather tired so I'm gonna go to bed now. FYI my icon, made by violetcreme is of Colin from the episode 'At last a dragon' where he disguises himself as "an Arab from Arabia" in order to sell oil fields located beneath his high school. Cheeky bugger.


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