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If you ever liked Pushing Daisies, ZIG, ZAG, And Being Caught In Between by [ profile] seriousfic is a wonderful read.
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My current favourite forum title over at IMDB? Homeopathic Pie Shouldn't work over on the Pushing Daisies page.

I mean, if you're going to question the realism of Pushing Daisies, the pies aren't where I'd start.

Icon dump

Jan. 17th, 2008 03:26 pm
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In this post: Doctor Who 29 (The Voyage of the Damned), Northanger Abbey 26 (mostly Henry Tilney, as played by the wonderful JJ Feild), The Office 9 (US, mostly 3.21), Half Nelson 4, Pushing Daisies 7 (1.02), and assorted miscellany.

Also, I'm going through a black & white phase so there are quite a few variations in the mix.

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I haven't updated in ages for a couple of reasons, chief of which has been uni. I've been so busy lately with school, researching and writing, and I tend to feel guilty about posting to lj if I haven't finished the latest assignment. Fortunately, that hard work has been paying off as my current results stand at three high distinctions and one distinction, which isn't too shabby at all. One of those HDs was for an essay on the relationship between India and China since their independence and my prof said that it was the best essay he'd read in ages.

So yeah, very cool.

Unfortunately, all this hard work has had a deleterious effect on my health and I caught the flu. The worst part has been the headaches which were so bad I spent my 20th birthday (which was Tuesday) in bed. Not cool. Plus, I had an essay due the next day which I hadn't finished so I ended up doing that too. Yuck.

But I'm definitely on the mend now. I finished my last assignment this morning and spent three blissful hours sitting on the couch watching the 1996 BBC mini-series of Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

(Which was very good by the way. While there were some diversions from the novel which slightly irked, it did succeed in capturing the spirit of the novel which is better. Helen was just as kickass awesome as she is in the novel, but I didn't immediately warm to the way they wrote Gilbert. They took away his narration of the story which disappointed me, but as Gilbert comes of as very smug in both the novel and series, it might have been a good idea. Anyway, the camera work was a lot less staid than you generally see in period mini-series and I for one was thankful, and the performances were great. It isn't as good as Pride and Prejudice or North and South, but I recommend this one).

Anyway, I have been sort of keeping up with the TV shows because I watch them while eating. That way I use the excuse "Hey, can't eat and type at the same time!" and my conscience is ok with that.

Here are my thoughts on:

Pushing Daisies )

Chuck )

Gossip Girl )

Dirty Sexy Money )

Heroes )

The Office )

I haven't been watching Dexter so far, but I plan to catch up. I've avoided Friday Night Lights but I am going to give the second season a shot, despite my misgivings.

Finally, my icon: great or greatest?
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I've been pondering the leaked pilots and here are my thoughts. A bit spoilery but not beyond the basic premises of the shows.

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Pushing Daisies was all that I imagined it would be. Cute, funny and very entertaining. Definitely my favourite of the pilots I've seen so far.

It's also very, very pretty and as I don't know the meaning of restraint, I kind of went overboard with the icon making.

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I was in the middle of "Study Drama 07: The Musical! (also a tragedy) Part 1" when the Network Up-fronts occurred, letting us know what had been canceled and what new shows we can look forward to in September. So now I'm going through the schedules and trying to pick the winners.

Right now I'm liking Dirty Sexy Money because of Peter Krause and The Bionic Woman because of David Eick but hopefully there will be others.

The one show I'll definitely be watching is Pushing Daisies.

It's the story of Ned (Lee Pace, who played Jaye's older brother on Wonderfalls) who can raise people from the dead with just a touch. However, if he touches them again, they die and stay dead. This becomes a serious problem when he raises first love Chuck and then can't touch her ever again. (Chuck is played by ANNA FRIEL FROM OUR MUTUAL FRIEND! Her American accent is apparently very good.) When Ned isn't raising murder victims to ask who killed them and then score the reward money, he makes pies at his restaurant The Pie Hole.

So we have a cute couple who can't touch because she'll die, murder investigations and pie. That would be enough to hook me but it gets better as the show was created by Bryan Fuller, he of Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Heroes.

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