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1. There is a Tumblr dedicated to cats that look like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. And then Vulture called up Nick Offerman and got him to comment on some of the posts ("You wouldn't guess it, but that's a look of abject pleasure on both the cat and Ron," says Offerman. "That would be Ron sitting by a burbling stream, redolent of trout."). Oh internet! The random joy that you bring!

2. Speaking of Nick Offerman, I've started my West Wing rewatch and I saw him in episode 1x05 aka "The Crackpots and These Women". He played one of the crackpots, part of the delegation that speaks to CJ about Pluie the wolf and the wolves-only highway they want the government to build. It's just the kind of outdoorsy thing I can see Ron being interested in if it weren't for the fact that he hates to see tax payer's money spent so frivolously. So I have decided that Ron was once an idealistic young man who believed in big government and went to the White House to plead his case, only for him to be rebuffed by CJ's disbelief and thus he became the Libertarian curmudgeon we all know and love (and now compare to cats!). If only he'd known about the position paper CJ went on to write, about the necessity of wildlife protection...

3. Still enjoying The Chicago Code. It's definitely more about the corruption and the politics than it is about the cases, which is good because crime procedurals generally bore me to turning off the TV. One unexpected source of delight is the scenery. They film on location and they really take advantage of it by shooting the streets of Chicago in a very cinematic way: lots of wide pans and overhead shots. I had no idea Chicago was so beautiful.

And it's an interesting when juxtaposed with The Good Wife which is set in Chicago but actually shot in New York and deals with similar subject matter. Already I've gotten a much better sense of Chicago itself in the three episodes of Code than I have from the season and a half I've seen of Wife.

4. I think we're headed for trouble in the Community fandom. I think it'll look like a shipper war but speaking for myself it's actually more complicated than that. I feel that the second season hasn't had the same depth of character as the first, with Abed and Troy being the only characters to grow. Jeff and Annie get most of the focus (him out of all the characters - which, yes, he is the main character, I know - and her out of all the girls) but they keep on playing the same beats: he eventually realises that he does love this rag-tag bunch of misfits, she runs into conflict over her standards/perfectionism, and the ship teasing continues apace. Pierce has actually regressed as a character, becoming more and more unlikeable. Britta and Shirley get pushed into the background far too often for my liking and often come across as one-note (something I attribute entirely to the writing).

Anyway, I've noticed some disagreements breaking out between Jeff/Annie shippers and people who aren't Jeff/Annie shippers. Trouble is on the horizon. We'll see if the next few episodes keep it at a rumble or cause the fandom to splinter.

5. I'm currently drinking wine that cost me $8.00. I'm having a hard time detecting the notes of melon and guava it's supposed to possess, so I guess you get what you pay for.
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On Monday, I wrote that I had seen the first episode of Burn Notice and that I really rather liked it. Well, I've now seen the entire first season (tragically only 11 episodes long) and now I rather love it.

It's the story of Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), a spy for the CIA who gets 'burned' i.e. fired. He gets dumped in his hometown of Miami with no money and an FBI tail, and attempts to discover who burned him. He takes PI jobs to make money and is aided in this by his awesomely nuts ex-girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), a former IRA operative who wants to get back together with him, and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell!!!), an ex-SEAL with contacts in the intelligence community. Hindering him is his neurotic mother and his gambling addicted brother.

When this show first appeared on my radar I dismissed it because I assumed it was a ponderous drama about a spy trying to find out who done him wrong. But it turns it's an action/comedy about a spy trying to find out who done him wrong. And this makes the show funny and smart and above all, entertaining.

More and a picspam )
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While we were eating dinner, my family and I watched 'Pilot Guides.' This episode was about Western Canada. The guide was Zay Harding (I think). He was cute. I think he was either Canadian or he just had a really mild and inoffensive American accent. Anyway, he was cute and funny and a bit of a dork (which is how I like my guys) and his name was 'Zay!' Say it out loud. You'll feel better.

On his trip he went to Whistler and went mountain bike riding, went to Vancouver where apparently Marijuana is legal or something, looked for bears, took a cool train ride, searched for gold, and drank a shot which had a toe in it. That's right. A toe. A long dead person's toe (I hope someone didn't just cut their toe off and send it to the tavern) but still. Say it with me Summer Roberts style: Ew!

Where the hell is my cocoa butter hand lotion?

Found it. Now my hands smell vaguely chocolate-y.

Who I am 'shipping on TV part two:

3. Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy on 'House'-Actually I'd 'ship Wilson with House over Cameron. She is soo annoying. It always about her issues. Cuddy on the other hand is awesome. She's smart. She's funny. She doesn't let House push her around (much). I don't really like her low cut tops and often her hair annoys me but the costuming generally sucks on 'House.' Hugh Laurie is gorgeous and fantastic in this role (and no, this is not me jumping on the band wagon. I loved him before 'House' when he was on 'Blackadder' as the Prince Regent. I actually knew he was English. So ha!) and Lisa Eidlestein (or however you spell her name) is pretty good to. I remember her a Laurie, the call girl on 'West Wing' (though I always wanted Sam to be with Mallory, Leo's daughter. They had great chemistry and Mallory was a red head. I generally favour red heads. Except for Addison on 'Grey's Anatomy' though I do find myself liking her more than I feel I should).

Anyway, here's hoping for a romance (or at least more hot snark) between House and Cuddy. That and Cameron dying. Quickly. With House not caring.
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Second entry. Deep breath. Lets get to it then.

I'm feeling much better today. I have a slight headache but other than that I'm fine. My sleep was down right crappy and I can't get the song 'Daisy Duke' by Rooney out of my head. I know! I'll listen to my iPod! I downloaded a new song last night from the iTunes music store so I'll just hook it up.

I got my iPod for my 17th birthday last year and have no complaints. I love it. Am also loving the Australian version of the iTunes Music Store though it doesn't have the Veronica Mars soundtrack which I really really want. However I have written to them and asked them add it so here's hoping.

Now I feel the urge to discuss a matter that is very dear to my heart: who I am 'shipping on TV right now.

1. Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars on 'Veronica Mars'-despite the fact that this show isn't on TV here in OZ (damn you chanel 9! I know you have it! Takes me ages to download) this is one of my favourite ships ever. It is a bit of a departure for me, normally I am all about the good guy getting the girl. But Duncan Kane, Logan's rival for the affections of Miss Mars, is about as interesting as...something really boring. And it is begining to look like Duncan may be the bad guy and Logan the good. As someone said on 'The LoVe Shack' quoting Jane Austen "One has all the goodness and the other all the appearance of it." Besides Jason Dohring who plays Logan is so frickin' talented and hot that he steals every scene he is in.

Why do I like this ship? They remind me of Spike Thompson and Lynda Day, the greatest TV couple ever, from Press Gang. They snark at each other and wound each other with words but in the end you know they are made for each other (if only they could figure that out!) Logan and Veronica have a great working dynamic as well which is interesting to watch. And Jason Dohring and Kristin Bell have so much chemistry they practically burn up the screen ('how does she know they burn up the screen if she's never seen a full episode?' you are asking. Well I download clips from various fan sites and watch fan made music videos.)

And they are totally meant to be. If you combine their names you get 'LoVe.' If you combine Veronica and Duncan's names you get 'VD.' EW!

2.Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey on 'Grey's Anatomy'-These two are hilarious to watch with great chemistry. Yes he just chose his wife over Mer after her heart breaking "Pick me!" speech but the show is called 'Grey's Anatomy' not 'Addison Montgomery-Shepherd's Anatomy' so I have no doubt that they will get back together after Derek does a lot of begging. A lot. With some really big romantic gestures.

These two also remind me of Spike and Lynda with their wonderful banter. Also I love Patrick Dempsey who plays Derek: he truly is dreamy.

Ok I can't be bothered writing more and I've got fanfiction to read! I'll be back later with more.


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