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You know what’s coming up? October 3rd. Are you doing anything special to mark the one seven eight year anniversary of Lilly Kane’s murder?

When you see this on your flist, quote Veronica Mars.

Jackson Douglas: I hear you do detective stuff for people.
Veronica: I do favors for friends.
Jackson Douglas: I can pay.
Veronica: Sit down, friend.
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Attention all Veronica Mars fans: run, don't walk, to [ profile] gyzym's A Strange New Story Every Time aka 19,000+ words of wonderful Veronica/Logan future fic that is perfectly in-character.
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Is anyone else watching The Good Wife? I know it does well in the ratings but it's not getting much love from the critics (aside from acting awards) or from a fandom.

It's a bit sad because the show is really quite excellent. I know it looks like one of those boring CBS procedurals and it did start out a little slow but it's become quite complex both in terms of the 'cases-of-the-week', the on-going plots, and the characters.

For those of you who don't know much about it, the basic jist is this: Alicia Florrick's (Julianna Margulies) life went to hell in a hand basket when she and the rest of the country found out that her husband Peter (Chris Noth), the State's Attorney of Illinois, had cheated on her with prostitutes and was accused of corruption. She stands by his side at the press conference but she's hurt and humiliated behind closed doors.

When the series starts it is six months later, Peter is in jail for corruption, and Alicia has to go back to work to support her family (they have two teenagers, Zach and Grace, who are initially very unhappy about leaving their posh neighbourhood and private school for a more affordable life). Alicia hasn't practiced law in 15 years but she's hired by her college friend Will (Josh Charles aka Dan Rydell from Sports Night) at his firm. She's got competition in the form of 20-something Cary, but she makes friends with the in-house private investigator, Kalinda, and eventually establishes a rapport with senior partner Diane Lockhart.

One of the reasons I like this show so much is that they spend a lot of time on Alicia's personal life. There are on-going story lines involving her kids and pushy mother-in-law that actually add to the show, as opposed to say, Mary's completely annoying family stuff on In Plain Sight. Peter is also very much still a part of the show as a) Alicia tries to sort out her feelings for him, and b) it appears that there is a wider conspiracy trying to keep him in jail. That, in particular, is very intriguing.

I initially found the 'case of the week' stuff unimpressive because the cases themselves were a bit predictable and black and white. However, the guest stars have been very good from the beginning and their characters have, you know, actual character, so they've been entertaining when the cases haven't been. But as I said, the cases have recently become a lot more complex and interesting. The look at office politics has been really good too.

Finally, this is a show that features really good female characters. Alicia is both a great lawyer and a great parent, Kalinda is basically Veronica Mars all grown up if Veronica was Indian and possibly a lesbian (the show hasn't fully revealed that one yet but it's hinted early on), and Diane is intelligent and strong while still managing to occasionally show a softer side. The men are good too: a love triangle between Alicia, Peter, and Will is clearly in the offing from the pilot but they've avoided the cliche of Will as the white knight and Peter as the dastardly husband by spending time showing us both Will's flaws and Peter's good points.

To sum up, The Good Wife: it's not the show you think it would be. It's smart and well-crafted, with on-going plots that reminds me at times of Veronica Mars. Is it the greatest show ever? No. But it is a show about interesting adults, for intelligent adults and, as such, it's pretty darn refreshing.
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Since I last updated I have:

- Been in a car accident. I'm fine. My car is decidedly not. It is an ex-car. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. Don't have car accidents kids - the paperwork is a bitch.

- Watched 27 Dresses. What a crappy crappy movie. It made me want to punch every single woman who worked on it in the ovaries because crap like that does nothing to empower women.

Side note: how did Katherine Heigl not cut her hand on James Marsden's cheekbones when she slapped him? He could cut diamonds with those things.

- Enjoyed Rob Thomas' return to television. I quite like newCupid and I think it's got potential if they let Trevor and Claire spend more time together. So far they don't have anywhere near the chemistry of Piven and Marshall but I'm willing to give it time.

Party Down aka 'the great Veronica Mars reunion of '09' is pretty good too. It's not quite as funny as it could be but I like the characters a lot, especially Henry.

- Watched 17 episodes of Legend of the Seeker on YT in about three days. I am very charmed by this one. It's not great television by any means but it hits a lot of my buttons. One of the reasons I shy away from fantasy is the lack of self-determinism - it's all prophecy this, destiny that, and nobody ever has a choice and I think it's more interesting for someone to defeat evil not because they are supposed to but because they want to. Despite the prophecy stuff of Seeker Richard does choose to take on that role and he embraces it - he may want a normal life someday but he's not bitching about being the seeker 24/7 either. He seems to treat it more like an opportunity than a burden...

...Except when it comes to Kahlan. Whom I love. Lots. So awesome. Always fighting right by Richard's side in her impractical but pretty white dress and generally doing a better job of it (Richard is hamstrung by that trope of TV writing - the hero must take down the bad guy in a prolonged one-on-one fight. Kahlan, meanwhile, gets to take out the multitude of nameless minions). I love that she's complex without being dark and angsty (coughStarbuckcough).

General shippy spoilers )

Does anyone else get massive Farscape vibes from this show? Partly, it's the plethora of Australian and New Zealand actors who give me whiplash, momentarily take me out of the story (Jay Laga'aia who plays Chace sometimes hosts Play School here in Australia. It's a kids show where they sing nursery rhymes, tell stories, and interact with a cast of plush toys). The armies of Darken Rahl (most obvious villain name ever y/y?), with their red/black colour scheme remind me of the Peacekeepers. The Mord'Sith look like they shop at Scorpius' House of Fashion and have read his book "Torturing your enemies: A guide to mind fuckery". And even Richard reminds me of Crichton, with their farm boy-iness and generally happy dispositions.

So yeah, Legend of the Seeker is Farscape + The Lord of the Rings.

Finally, below is the absolute best thing ever:

Participating in something like that would be awesome.
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I just finished watching the final episode of Veronica Mars and you know what? I'm sad. There are even some tears forming in my eyes and that could be from the cold I'm getting but whatever.

I'm sad. Because Veronica Mars was my friend. Keith Mars was my friend. Logan, Wallace, Mac, Weevil, Cliff, Lilly - all my friends and I'm never going to see them again. I've complained a lot about this season as I've been I disappointed by the writing, the acting, the directing, costumes, set design. But the only reason I was disappointed was because this show was (past tense, hate that) capable of greatness and I desperately wanted to see it be great again.

Dammit - I love this show and I will miss it.
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Firstly: the cancellation of Veronica Mars. I'm not shocked or terribly saddened but I think if I were to watch the first episode I'd bawl like a baby. I'll always love it but it is time to move on...

To Life on Mars, a British show about a cop who gets hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up in 1973.

It is absolutely brilliant.

I've been hearing great things about it for a while and I was going to download it, but they've just started airing it here in Australia so now I don't have to. I'm not partial to cop shows but throw in some time traveling, an existential crisis and a rockin sound track and I'm on board.

And finally, The Office finale was fantastic, just what I wanted. These are some of the best characters on TV and it is a delight to watch them develop in realistic ways. If you aren't watching this show, you really, really should.
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I'm having troubles with my laptop at the moment. Need-to-get-parts-from-the-eastern-states-shipped-in-troubles.

1. I really, really enjoyed the latest episode of Veronica Mars. How could I not when it proved that I have amazing psychic powers.

Spoilers )

2. Studio 60 was canceled, Friday Night Lights got a second season. I'm pretty happy about both of those decisions. I really wanted Studio 60 to be great and it wasn't so I'm more sad about the wasted potential.

3. I've been watching the new season of Doctor Who and it is fabulous. I miss Rose a lot but Martha has been pretty decent so far. David Tennant just gets more and more attractive. Picspam coming when I don't have a 2,500 word essay due.

4. Sunday was Mother's Day so my best wishes to all the fantastic mums on my flist. I had to work on that day and spent more time with other people's mums than my own, but I made up for it last night by cooking dinner and making a Chocolate Honeycomb Cheesecake.

I got my own brilliant mum seasons 1 of SeaChange, an Australian TV show that we all adore. I had forgotten just how wonderful it is - unassuming and unpretentious and full of great characters and actors (including David Wenham before he went on to play Faramir in Lord of the Rings).

5. Sunday also so the airing of the Eurovision Song Contest and it was completely insane in a fantastic way. I just love Eurovision because it is just so silly and yet all the performers are so committed; besides, we must stay on the lookout for the next ABBA. My favourite countries from this year's were France, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and Russia. I was really disappointed by both Ireland and the UK.

Apparently, Working Title is going to make a film about Eurovision which is very cool, but I'd rather see a documentary as the reality is far more awesome than any fiction could be. Either way, I hope they get Terry Wogan involved somehow as his commentary always amuses me.


Apr. 27th, 2007 01:01 pm
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For the Veronica Mars fans (and, more likely, ex-Veronica Mars fans) you might be interested in this essay on homosexuality and homophobia on Veronica Mars.

I don't agree with most of the writer's points (for instance, I don't think that Veronica is homophobic, she just uses other people's homophobia against them) but it is an interesting read.
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I am thrilled people. I watched the latest episode of Veronica Mars and I enjoyed it! I love that I loved the episode. And sure, it wasn't the greatest episode ever but at no point while I was watching did I think "Please hurry up and end."

Way to make me like you again Logan )
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VM 3x12

Spoilers )

Heroes 1x14

Spoilers )

Studio 60 1x14

Spoilers )
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Another strong episode for Studio 60.

Spoilers )

I like Heroes but I don't seem to like it as much as everyone else. Oh well.

Spoilers )

I was dreading VM but this episode was pretty good.

Spoilers )

I made this icon:
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I caught up with Heroes over the break and I like it a lot. It's fun, the cast is hot and it doesn't cause me pain the way some shows do.

Heroes: 1x12 )

And Veronica Mars is finally back. I've been mostly positive about it's return because I'm completely unspoiled and have been staying away from all the interviews.

Veronica Mars: 3x10 )

Finally, today is Australia Day which is always a weird event for me because I just don't know what it means to be Australian. Plus, I'm so annoyed with our government that there are times when I'm ashamed to be Australian. *sigh*


Jan. 12th, 2007 11:35 pm
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I've been on a bit of an icon making kick lately and this is a real mixed bag.

Where were you in '62? )
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According to Rob Thomas' official web site (that's RT, creator of Veronica Mars, not RT of Matchbox 20 for all you non VM watchers) he's totally friends with Paul Rudd.

I looooooooove Paul Rudd. He is cute and charming and he was in Clueless and I started watching Friends again when he married Pheobe and I even watched that sucky movie he did with Jennifer Aniston where he was gay and she was his pregnant best friend in love with him.

Yes, I love Paul Rudd that much.

He's holding a watermelon!

And seriously, how awesome would it be if he guest starred on VM? Maybe as a charming FBI agent looking to recruit Veronica? Or a charming newly wed who thinks his wife is cheating on him? Or as a charming pizza delivery guy (he could hang out with Corny!)?

Wow, it's 3 AM. Kinda snuck up on me. G'night!
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While on my recent holiday, I did something I didn't ever think I would do: I went to a Veronica Mars location.

For the first week we stayed just outside of Bateman's Bay, which is three hours south from Sydney, on the coast. Now on the road to Bateman's Bay (that road's name is the Princes Highway btw) I noticed a sign which indicated a turn-off to the town of Mollymook, the place where Duncan and his daughter are living (and ordering assassinations from) in the season 2 finale of Veronica Mars.

Despite the ensuing screams from myself and my sister (which went something like, "OH my GOD! Did you see that? Mollymook! Pull over, pull over, pleeeeeaaaaase Dad?!") we didn't stop that day to go and find everyone's least favourite robot and advise him to go check out an STD clinic. However, on the way back to Sydney, a week later, my mother was a lot more understanding and let me walk around a bit to take some pictures for my "Veronica Mars groupies" (as she likes to refer to you guys).

Behold my brilliant photography and artful manipping skills! )
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Some very kind individual nominated my VM fic Excerpts from Logan's feelings journal for the Pirate Pride Awards and it WON the best Comedy category.

Considering how many funny writers there are in the Veronica Mars fandom, I can't quite believe it but it has made my day so thanks to whoever nominated me!

And congratulations to all the other winners and runner-ups. You can check out the full list here.
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Reaction )
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This is the first time this season I've been this excited about Veronica Mars! Plus, there were emo!sleeves!!!!

Oh the awesome! )


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