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I am thrilled people. I watched the latest episode of Veronica Mars and I enjoyed it! I love that I loved the episode. And sure, it wasn't the greatest episode ever but at no point while I was watching did I think "Please hurry up and end."

Way to make me like you again Logan )
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While on my recent holiday, I did something I didn't ever think I would do: I went to a Veronica Mars location.

For the first week we stayed just outside of Bateman's Bay, which is three hours south from Sydney, on the coast. Now on the road to Bateman's Bay (that road's name is the Princes Highway btw) I noticed a sign which indicated a turn-off to the town of Mollymook, the place where Duncan and his daughter are living (and ordering assassinations from) in the season 2 finale of Veronica Mars.

Despite the ensuing screams from myself and my sister (which went something like, "OH my GOD! Did you see that? Mollymook! Pull over, pull over, pleeeeeaaaaase Dad?!") we didn't stop that day to go and find everyone's least favourite robot and advise him to go check out an STD clinic. However, on the way back to Sydney, a week later, my mother was a lot more understanding and let me walk around a bit to take some pictures for my "Veronica Mars groupies" (as she likes to refer to you guys).

Behold my brilliant photography and artful manipping skills! )
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Today I was 20 minutes late for work. Why? Western Australia has switched over to Daylight Savings. And I had no idea.

More on Daylight Savings and a poll )

Office Christmas party/booze cruise: because sometimes my life is just like TV )

And sometimes it is better )

Finally I have updated the emo!sleeve picspam to include Logan's emo!sleeved fists of fury!
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So Logan Echolls does this thing with his sleeves on Veronica Mars. It's hot. They're called 'emo!sleeves.' And I'm a fan.

My original piscpam is here but because rich text mode is the devil's tool, it won't let me update that post anymore without frelling the frak up. So I won't be updating that post anymore and the emo!sleeves will now live here.

Spoilers to 3.09.

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Through out season 2 of Veronica Mars, there was a character who delighted us with her wit, made us go 'huh?' at her hair and confounded us with her complete and utter cluelessness.

This character's name was Veronica.

However, these traits also apply to the fantastically ditzy Gia Goodman.

Come with me as we look at the evolution of Gia.


May. 15th, 2006 09:59 pm
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If anyone sees any good 'Logan's emo!sleeves' icons can you let me know?

I'm in serious need of an icon to that effect. Because though I can picspam, I have no icon making ability.

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I have updated my picspam on Logan's long sleeves of emotional vulnerability aka his emo!sleeves here.

It now contains spoilers for 2.22 so click at your own risk.
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Hi! I'm Bennet and I'm insane! Why am I insane, you ask? Well that's because I'm picspaming at 10:00 PM when I haven't even started my anthropology notes for class tomorrow.

Yep. I'm nuts.

But this has to be done.

Updated 14/5/06 to include the rest of season 2.

Updated 11/10/06 to include 3.01.

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This is the second time I've posted this. The first time, the cut didn't work, so I pulled it. All fixed now!

I'm burning the midnight oil here (disclaimer: no Australian bands were hurt in the production of this picspam) as it's quite late but I was overcome with the urge to picspam and so here I am.

In all of my picspams I have never, ever featured Cliff McCormack. I didn't even feature him in my
VM/Lord of the Rings comparison and I managed to get Clemmons, Gia and Casey in that one! (well Casey is very, very pretty so I had to get him in there)

I'm deeply ashamed of this oversight on my part and shall now attempt to rectify the situation by giving Cliff his very own personal picspam.

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Ok so we all know that I have a tendency to over analyse things when it comes to Veronica Mars. But I feel that the following picspam is of great importance.

The fans know (well 90% anyway) that Logan and Veronica are still in love with each other. They may not realise it but they show it through their clothing choices.

In the second season, they often wear the same colours when they share scenes together. Are their subconciouses influencing their apparel choice in order to show their secret love for each other?

Or is it just the wardrobing department?

These ideas and more have been explored under the cut along with many lovely pics.

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Well I personally thought that if anyone was going to be Snow White it would be Meg, but this is Veronica's world and I just observe it.

I'll play by her rules.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs VM style )


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