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- I loved that Mallory wasn't just portrayed as a great fighter but also really street smart. She immediately bugs Paul's phone even though he hasn't done anything but accept the job to make her suspect him. She invents the excuse of someone at the party recognising her so she can break away from Paul and follow him in secret.

- She slips off her high heels before stepping into the hotel room because she knows she is about to fight for her life. That is A+. Women fighting or running in high heels bugs me so much because it just isn't realistic.

- Yay for David Holmes doing the score. I recognised his style immediately because he also worked on Out of Sight and I listen to that soundtrack all the time. But I also really liked that the fight scenes were mostly if not entirely without the score.

- Some critics called the cinematography "jaundiced" but, really, we only got yellow lighting during the flashbacks to the missions and only when it was appropriate, such as indoors. It wasn't like they used a yellow filter all the time. I liked the cool blues of the New York scenes.

- Mallory's father's house was fantastic. Great location.

- When she was running away from the Garda, I wondered why Mallory didn't try to loose her jacket or hat so as to change her appearance. I guess without the hat all the bruising on her face would have been clearer. And that was a pretty sweet jacket, one of many (I'm totally envious). It was nice to see that when she did get a moment, she pulled on a stolen hoodie to make herself look different.

- Mallory and Paul had really good chemistry and "fake marriage" is one of my favourite tropes. Pity he was there to kill her! On the other hand: AU.
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