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Feb. 1st, 2012 01:08 am
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If you're a fan of both Sherlock and The Thick of It (you really do need to know both to appreciate this) then go read Grace Under Pressure. Mycroft Holmes + Malcolm Tucker = awesomeness
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Last night I saw Haywire which I've been looking forward to for aaaaaages because it is a) a female-led action movie, b) stars an MMA fighter, Gina Carano, who can legitimately kick ass, and c) is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who directed one of my favourite movies Out of Sight.

And I really enjoyed it! I was worried because the reviews, while positive, have not being overwhelmingly so and it was too much too expect first time actor Gina Carano to turn in a brilliant performance*.

*And yet I had my hopes because Soderbergh is frequently great at pulling career best work from unlikely actors. Jennifer Lopez is freaking amazing in Out of Sight. Yes. J.Lo portrays one of my favourite female characters and it is due equally to her performance as to the writing. I'll be sharing Out of Sight soon and if you haven't seen it, I urge you to snag it. (It'll be friends-only but I'm happy to share with others.)

Still, Carano has a really strong presence on screen and is very believable in the role. I think given time and acting lessons she will only improve and I'd like to see her in other films.

Plus Carano is really pretty! Those are leading lady looks there and changeable too. Just in terms of make-up and costuming she appeared different with every cover story. She has more muscle tone than your average wafer thin actress - you believe her when she strangles a guy between her thighs - but she isn't big at all. She could be a star.

Where she excelled was in the fight scenes which are some of the best I've seen in years. CineSnark pointed out that Carano fought like a woman, using leverage and momentum, when most films choreograph masculine fight scenes for women. The scenes are also shot so that you can actually see the action, with very little editing and full bodies in frame. That was wonderful because I really hate the quick cutting and jerky camera work that became so prevalent in the filming of fight scenes after the second Bourne movie.

The plot isn't anything new although it does cohere. There isn't really an emotional arc. This isn't a great movie but if you go in with the right frame of mind its better than most action movies. And hopefully if this does even moderately well it will show that there is a market for female-led action movies. That's been my thinking in paying to see this and Colombiana.

Spoilers )

Earlier today I watched the series finale of Chuck, a show I've never loved but often enjoyed. The last season was so great that I might actually miss it. I'll certainly miss the musical performances of Jeffster! Their final song was A+. You can watch all the others here in one file. I've always been partial to their cover of Toto's "Africa" because I unironically love that song.

Farewell, Chuck.

Fic rec

Jan. 17th, 2012 01:10 am
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Trust me, you really want to read this fic where Pepper Potts is Iron Woman, Tony Stark is her PA, Peggy Carter is Captain America, Steve Rogers is her WW2 era boyfriend, Gwen Stacy is Spider Woman, etc, etc, etc.
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If you ever liked Pushing Daisies, ZIG, ZAG, And Being Caught In Between by [ profile] seriousfic is a wonderful read.


Jan. 11th, 2012 12:23 am
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I am done with Once Upon a Time. Maybe The Vampire Diaries too. We'll see how motivated to download I feel on Friday.

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This feels weird to feel but I am actually looking forward to a Ben Affleck film since I read this Wired article on the origins of the plot. Basically, during the Iran Hostage Crisis, six embassy workers managed to escape and hide out at the Canadian Embassy for a couple of months until the CIA orchestrated an escape plan involving a fake science fiction film to get them out. Naturally the CIA's involvement was kept secret so Canada has been taking the credit for the last thirty years (the wikipedia entry on the subject is entitled Canadian Caper). But Ben Affleck's film looks like it's going to redirect the spotlight back to the Americans involved, specifically the CIA and the Hollywood film industry (natch).

Here is a tutorial on how to get around Release 88.

More Yuletide recs under the cut )
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Hey hey hey. Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. I stayed in London, spending Christmas with friends, preparing and then eating an absurd amount of food.

I should be studying right now but...Yuletide. I am going through the fandoms alphabetically and currently I am somewhere among the H's. Here are a bunch of recs I've got so far.

Definitely something for everyone here )
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Having just finished my first semester of my master's I thought to treat myself to a movie tonight. Thanks to the fact that earlier this week The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo had a London première where Rooney Mara wore one of her various seasonally inappropriate cut-out dresses, I thought that that film was out already. Not so. So I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows instead.

(Sidebar: I kind of want to see Mission: Impossible: Ghost: Protocol for Jeremy Renner being a badass in a suit? And also Simon Pegg being funny? And the movie as whole looks kind of fun? Even though it has Crazy Pants Cruise? HELP?!)

Spoiling Sherlock Holmes to hell and back )
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There is an awesome Doctor Who/Good Omens crossover here: Playing Gods.
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I really don't like Great Expectations. So naturally there are going to be two new adaptations of it next year.

First up we have the BBC's effort which stars Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham. The trailer is wonderfully atmospheric and contains a haunting version of "Carol of the Bells"...

...but do we need a eighteenth adaptation of this particular novel? Or a nineteenth that will be released in cinemas and have Helena Bonham-Carter as Miss H? I think not (though of course I will see them). There are plenty of other great novels that are out of copyright that have either never been adapted or haven't been done in thirty years, but instead we get the same four over and over again: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Great Expectations.

Much better news is that Peter Capaldi is joining season two of The Hour. That show just got more awesome and will hopefully help sate my longing for Malcolm Tucker and The Thick of It.
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- Right now I'm going through a Sif/Loki from Thor phase. Luckily [ profile] cobweb_diamond is also feeling these feelings (THERE ARE SO MANY) and I have been able to piggyback on her fandom adventures. Here is a handy dandy ship manifesto she put together.

- I tried out Pan Am for four episodes but it's just not good. Dropped.

- I marathoned Once Upon A Time a couple of weeks ago and was charmed but it's not very good either. It's just too Disney. I'll give it a couple more episodes, though.

- I am watching and sometimes enjoying Hart of Dixie without shame (I am a duck and your judgement is the rain). I really think it would be a better show if Rachel Bilson banged her hot redneck neighbour instead of pining for nice lawyer guy who is engaged.

- Shows I am watching out of habit: The Office and How I Met Your Mother. The former is close to being dropped.

- I really enjoy Revenge but I don't care about any of the characters. It's a weird new experience for me because normally I find at least one character to invest in but here there is no emotional involvement on my part. I mean, I guess I like Nolan best but I probably wouldn't if he didn't dress as he does. Thing I am excited about: Spoilers )

- The Dan and Blair Show is apparently coming back this week!

- If you're looking for a hilarious half-hour British comedy, may I recommend Spy? It stars a bunch of awesome people (including Mat Baynton from Horrible Histories!) in the story of a single dad who is unwittingly recruited into MI:6 but cannot win the approval of his Machiavellian nine year old son (for real, his kid is amazing. Normally I hate precocious kids but Marcus is a little shit who reads George W. Bush biographies and wants to head the IMF. I love him.).

- I have tried Ricky Gervais's new show. Was not impressed but I'll give it the series.

- For my fill of drama The Good Wife has been kicking ass and taking names, Being Erica has had issues but is still wonderful, and Homeland has been rocking my socks off. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis for all the awards.

- Yes, Dan Harmon, you are really clever but your constant need to point out how clever you are (and also - always - the way you have turned Britta into the buttmonkey) is disrupting my enjoyment of Community.

- Misfits is amazing. I don't miss Nathan at all.

- But in conclusion: Parks and Rec is the best! I would like to go on the record and state how much I love it.
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If I didn't have to run to class right now, this would be a post where I flail over Parks and Rec.

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I was already looking forward to Haywire. Now I'm also looking forward to Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor doing press for Haywire. Go watch this Q & A where they are interviewed by Joel MchHale (entertaining!) with Steven Soderbergh (also entertaining!) and Gina Carano (nervous and humble!).

Fassbender and McGregor should do another movie where they are awesome redheads* who do awesome things together and speak in their natural accents.

*We do not use the term "ginger" on this blog. Ginger in all of its forms looks nothing like my hair colour.
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May I direct your attention to the trailer for The Awakening a new film that stars Rebecca Hall as a 1920s ghost busting sceptic?


Oct. 13th, 2011 11:33 pm
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Thor 2: Electrical Storm Boogaloo will be directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins!

The announcement also says that Natalie Portman and Hiddles will both be back, so YAY for that too.
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So, The Avengers trailer is here and it's both wonderful and terrifying. How can the film possibly live up to our expectations?

Let's have some polls.

[Poll #1785869]

On style

Oct. 6th, 2011 11:37 pm
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1. [ profile] cobweb_diamond has started an amazing blog called Hello, tailor. It's all about fashion history, current trends, costumes, and designer commentary. She really knows what she is writing about and writes with great wit. Forsooth.

2. Today I went to the Camden Markets which impressed me with their size but disappointed me with the prices of their vintage. £60 for a dress I'd still have to get mended? I don't think so! Hopefully this is just a Camden Market thing and not a London thing.

3. nerdboyfriend.tumblr = how to dress your boyfriend like nerd icons.

4. A little old but GQ's "The 25 Most Stylish Men on TV" is surprisingly decent at recognising different styles worn on TV. Gloriously, Chuck Bass is way down the list, although Barney Stinson is still way too high (Barney has not impressed me in a couple of seasons).


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