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Hey hey hey. Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. I stayed in London, spending Christmas with friends, preparing and then eating an absurd amount of food.

I should be studying right now but...Yuletide. I am going through the fandoms alphabetically and currently I am somewhere among the H's. Here are a bunch of recs I've got so far.

Definitely something for everyone here )
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[ profile] picspammy's latest challenge is to create a picspam centred around emotions so I chose to look at one of my favourite episodes of Better Off Ted, 'The Impertence of Communicationizing'. Better Off Ted was one of those TV shows: brilliant, subversive, hilarious, barely watched, cancelled. But for a little while it was possibly the best comedy on network TV and once Community and Parks and Recreation were in play it still gave them a run for their money and even bested them some weeks.

Basically it's a satire of corporate America. The characters work for a huge and frequently evil company called Veridian Dynamics. Ted is the head of Research and Development, overseeing scientists Phil and Lem and product tester Linda. They're all essentially good people, it's just that sometimes the company asks them to weaponize pumpkins or be cryogenically frozen or created cyborgs that can kill without remorse. Ted's boss Veronica tends towards the sociopathic (on one occasion she uses Ted's 8 year old daughter Rose to fire people so that she can avoid unpleasant conflicts) but even she has her human moments, as explored in this picspam.

In 'The Impertence of Communicationizing' Veronica is forced to deal with her feelings of guilt when faced with the idea that her promotion should have gone to another colleague. She's not used to confronting her emotions (or knowing what emotions are) so hilarity ensues.

If you're looking for a new show to pick up, hopefully this picspam will pique your interest. Better Off Ted deserves your love (and massive DVD sales).

In the past I’ve always just counteracted this feeling with other emotions like “sugar” or “drunk” )


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