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Hey hey hey. Hope everyone had/is having a good holiday. I stayed in London, spending Christmas with friends, preparing and then eating an absurd amount of food.

I should be studying right now but...Yuletide. I am going through the fandoms alphabetically and currently I am somewhere among the H's. Here are a bunch of recs I've got so far.

Anne of Green Gables

Rilla of Toronto - I really like Anne stories set in the modern era.

Better Off Ted

Careful the path they take - Veronica tries to turn Rose into her minion. Hilarious.

Let's Do the Timewrap Dgain! (We Make That, Too) - AMAZING. The characterisation, humour, and breaking of the fourth wall is perfect.

Cold Today, A Rose Tomorrow - Veronica and Rose get sick. Cute!

The Brothers Bloom

but for endless ifs - Penelope and Bloom make a home. Wonderfully melancholic.


Unreasonable Degrees of Happiness - Cher and Josh in the future. Nicely done.

Crazy Stupid Love

This Post-Postmodern Age is All Business - 8000+ words of post-movie Hannah fic that treats her like a real person? Swoon.

the heart will not retreat - Again, in Hannah's head (yay!), set during the film.


Elementary Murder Mystery Analysis - Jeff is murdered. The study group tries to figure out who killed him.

22 Short Fics About Abed Nadir - Really well done.

Dallased (Intro to Dream Interpretation 101) - AMAZING.

To Being Evil - What happens in the evil alternate timeline.


Pizza is a Vegetable - Daria, Jane, Quinn, and Trent in the future. AMAZING.


Flash Paper - Vimes battles an arsonist and paperwork. Excellent footnotes.

Persuasion in the City - Funny!

Appointments - Moist and Vimes acquiesce to Vetinari.

It Could Be You - Great Moist/Adora fic with graphics.


Errant - A Doctor Who/Drive crossover that works.

Windows down when this is guiding you - The Driver gets a dog.

Emily of New Moon

Heart's Desire - What happens after everyone is married to whom they were meant to be.

no pictures of himself - Teddy's limited POV on loving Emily Starr.

Feminist Ryan Gosling (YES! I KNOW!)

When Fics Take On a Life of Their Own - MUST READ. A fic writer asks Feminist Ryan Gosling about the problematic issues surrounding Michael Fassbender/James McAvoy smut.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Growth Industry - How Martin got into the private sector and met Marcella.

The Good Wife

Mixing Oranges with Reds - Kalinda re-discovers the joy of figure skating.

Bridges to Cross, Bridges to Burn - Excellent Alicia coping fic.

Take the Current As It Serves - Mid-season Cary.

something to talk about - How Cary feels about the women in his life.

That's Me In the Corner, That's Me In the Spotlight - AMAZING. All about the awesome ladies.

Happy Endings

Let your hand melt a hole in the frost - AMAZING. Alex meets a superhero. Max gets a cat.

Apocalips - Dave and Penny kiss. It's both weird and wonderful.

Hark! A Vagrant

Blood Will Have Blood - Anne Brontë may hate her sisters sometimes but she always loves them.

All in a (Sexy) Day's Work - AMAZING. The Strong Female Characters battle injustice sexily.

Mystery Solving Teens Confirm the Obvious - So good!

The Case of The Fat Goose With A Stone In - Watson edits one of Stupid Watson's Holmes stories.

The Adventure of the Watson League - Watson meets Stupid Watson, Gay Watson, Smart Watson, Fat Watson, etc.

I Never Said This Job Was Easy - Aw. The Mystery Solving Teens have hearts after all.

Clocks Are Dumb Anyway - Nancy Drew tries to fix a clock. Ned hates flashbacks.

Études (the ~*FRANZ LISZT!!!1!*~ featuring F. Chopin remixes) - AMAZING.

Hart of Dixie

Some Kind of Doctoring - When Zoe gets sick, Lavon and Wade take care of her.

I'll be back with more.
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