Jan. 11th, 2012 12:23 am
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I am done with Once Upon a Time. Maybe The Vampire Diaries too. We'll see how motivated to download I feel on Friday.

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The thing about living in Australia is this: I don't quite understand the scheduling of American TV, nor do I know when a TV show is going to have a little mini-hiatus right in the middle of its season.

I mean, I don't really know what 'March Madness' is (I know it has something to do with basketball but I really don't want to find out more. If I can't give a damn about Australian basketball, no way am I going to care about it in the US), but is it followed by 'April Apathy', where everyone winds down from the crazy and forgets to put my shows on?

Like, all last week I was expecting my shows to appear on the internet, kindly uploaded by the good-natured pirates, as per normal, but the only one to appear was The Good Wife. And it's the same this week so I did some investigating and found out that none of them were supposed to air anyway which is very disappointing. There needs to be some kind of app for international downloaders to keep us aware of scheduling changes so that we don't get our hopes up like I did last Friday, expecting to come home from work and find all my Thursday comedies ready to watch; I'd been anticipating them all week, looking forward to The Office for the first time in a long time, but they weren't there.

A couple of new shows did air so I gave them a try.

Chaos had an decent premise (the three musketeers and their d'Artagnan in the CIA) but wasn't very good. If it does improve I imagine that it will develop a huge slash fandom thanks to its cast of attractive white males. Only one female series regular in the pilot (and she was a POC so yay) but Christina Cole has made the jump across the pond to play the other (still a ratio of five guys to two women, though. Disappointing). Apparently Christina Cole will be playing against type: her character will be nice. The only times I have ever seen Christina Cole not play an uber-bitch were her small role in Casino Royale and as Norah in He Knew He Was Right (though Norah had a few moments). It's kind of amusing how many of the great bitches of English Literature she's played: Blanche Ingram, Caroline Bingley, Mrs Elton.

Anyway, I might keep an eye on the reviews to see if it gets better. I do enjoy stories about spies and James Murray's face.

The Killing was much more impressive. I really like the main character, Sarah Linden, who is very thoughtful and speaks only when necessary, but doesn't come off as cold, aloof, or bitchy. If they pace it right, the murder investigation could be really compelling and I like watching these stories unfold over multiple episodes so I'm in for now.

Spoilers for The Good Wife )
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1. A young girl has been stung by the Irukandji jellyfish while surfing off the coast of Broome in the northern part of my state. If I were to make a list of the top 5 worst animals of Australia, the Irukandji would be on it because it's venom is so so painful. You can take the highest non-lethal dosage of morphine and still feel intolerable pain, which can last for several hours to two weeks. One of the symptoms is "a feeling of impending doom" so strong that people are convinced they are going to die and so they make out their last will and testament.

Oh, and the bell of the jellyfish is about the size of a finger nail, while their tentacles can be up to one metre long and only millimetres thick, so good luck trying to see it.

Hopefully she'll be ok.

2. Not everything from Australia is horrifying. Case in point: Cate Blanchett.

My favourite dress of the awards season.
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Due to some technical difficulties that I hope are finally resolved, I've been having trouble downloading all my shows. Haven't seen The Daily Show or The Colbert Report in aaaaages but I'm now caught up on Studio 60 and The Office (US).

Studio 60: 1.02 )

Studio 60: 1.03 )

The Office: 3.02 )

And finally, on friday night I was in the same room as Hugh Jackman and it was awesome. He was, of course, performing in the musical The Boy from Oz which is the story of Australian singer/song writer Peter Allen. Hugh was fantastic - he has such a huge presence on stage. He spent two years here studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) so he knows Perth well and littered the show with lots of references and in-jokes, even appearing in the football jersey of one our our state's teams.

The story itself wasn't terribly good (I've seen a lot better), but Hugh more than made up for it, spending about 20 minutes amongst the audience and even dancing with one guy. Truly hilarious.

And when they sang "I still call Australia home" I must confess there were tears in my eyes. The had a huge flag and a choir - it was like a QANTAS ad ;-)

For my fellow Farscape fans, Murray Bartlett who played Crichton's best friend DK, played Peter Allen's lover Greg - no you don't get to see Hugh make out with another guy, they only ever hug ;-)

Here is the Broadway cast recording. Sadly they didn't do an Australian cast recording but this one is still a great listen.

And if you're taking any of the music, can you let me know please? I need to keep track of the bandwith. Thanks.


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