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Oct. 6th, 2011 11:37 pm
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1. [livejournal.com profile] cobweb_diamond has started an amazing blog called Hello, tailor. It's all about fashion history, current trends, costumes, and designer commentary. She really knows what she is writing about and writes with great wit. Forsooth.

2. Today I went to the Camden Markets which impressed me with their size but disappointed me with the prices of their vintage. £60 for a dress I'd still have to get mended? I don't think so! Hopefully this is just a Camden Market thing and not a London thing.

3. nerdboyfriend.tumblr = how to dress your boyfriend like nerd icons.

4. A little old but GQ's "The 25 Most Stylish Men on TV" is surprisingly decent at recognising different styles worn on TV. Gloriously, Chuck Bass is way down the list, although Barney Stinson is still way too high (Barney has not impressed me in a couple of seasons).
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This is about a documentary called Bill Cunningham New York. Actually, it's a plea to watch a documentary called Bill Cunningham New York. For some of you, knowing that it's about an eighty year old photographer who has been chronicling New York's street fashion for decades will be enough to induce you to seek it out and watch it: you like fashion, you like photography, you like New York, you just plain like documentaries. But even if this film doesn't immediately sound relevant to your interests, give it a chance because it's a wonderful story, a very human story, about a man who has a passion, who has integrity, who doesn't allow himself to be bowed by other people's opinions, and who is kind in a cut-throat industry and and cut-throat city.

Bill Cunningham is fascinated by fashion and one of the few photographers to be invited to sit in the front rows of designer shows instead of being crammed into the press gallery at the end of the catwalk. But what he truly loves is how regular people take what the designers produce and wear it, reinterpreted through their own viewpoint, on the street. He spends most of his life riding the streets of New York on an old Schwinn bicycle or walking the pavements so that he can dart off at any moment to get the perfect picture of someone's outfit. He doesn't care if they're rich, famous, or a complete nobody - he only cares about the clothes. By taking so many pictures he notices trends that everyday people are generating - sometimes it's a colour or element. This he makes the focus of his "On The Street" feature in The New York Times. On other occasions he chooses to focus on something that fascinates him like shoes or the rain ponchos people wear in bad weather.

At night he goes to photograph charity galas, choosing them not for their guest list but for which cause he wants to devote column inches to. No matter who is there, he always finds something interesting, something beautiful, and the rich and fashion elite recognise and respect him for his choices. Anna Wintour says early in the film - and it's in the trailer so it's not too great a spoiler:

"I think everyone knows Bill and understands who he is and what he represents will always be thrilled to be photographed by Bill. I mean, I've said many times that we all get dressed for Bill."

But Bill himself is a man of contradictions. He doesn't wear clothes that are expensive, designer made, or particularly stylish. Most often he can be seen in the blue smock worn by the street cleaners of Paris because it's got a lot of convenient pockets. Nor does he accept any of the perks that are offered to him, not wanting his integrity to be compromised. He lives in an apartment in Carnegie Hall that is crammed with filing cabinets full of negatives, sleeping on a tiny camp bed, and uses a bathroom across the hall.

Bill's life is strange, but he obviously feels that it is incredibly rich because he gets to do what he loves. He's warm and funny, ready to laugh and be delighted, and thoroughly engaging when on screen. His story is fascinating and his contribution to fashion and photography will surprise you.

If you want to watch the film but are at a loss where too find it, drop me a line. For those that don't mind a little more spoiling, I hope this picspam whets your appetite for more.

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May. 17th, 2011 07:12 pm
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Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz at Cannes

Johnny Depp is looking better in the face - much less bloaty, still too orange - but I am tired of his gypsy/pirate aesthetic (it's not really bucking convention when it's so predictable) and I am not a fan of how he is wearing his braces (suspenders). Why attach them to your pants if you aren't then going to pull them up over your shoulders and use them for their intended purpose? I think it just looks ridiculous and really dorky from behind. Plus, Johnny Depp is using the loops on his right side to hang a handkerchief which is a) stupid, and b) unnecessary because he's already wearing two pocket squares in his waistcoat! Like, is Pirates of the Caribbean Four: Whatever Something Noun really going to be that sad?

My face looks much like Penelope Cruz's in that first picture - somewhere between bemusement and disdain.

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If you haven't seen this already, you must: some guy made his own Muppet Theatre Playset from scratch and it is so freakin' cool! I love it and I want it but I have neither the talent nor the patience to do it myself.

This is a series of pictures depicting historical costumes entirely made out of paper. It's amazing work.

This is really only good for a laugh. It's the trailer for Anonymous, which takes the theory that Shakespeare wrote none of his plays and turns it into a big budget, conspiracy laden epic from the director of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.

The tag line: We've all been played.

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Woah. Someone has uploaded The Baby-sitters Club TV show to YouTube so I've been indulging in a little late 80s/early 90s nostalgia. The acting! The theme song! And, best of all, the costumes! Kristy's turtle necks, Dawn's "California Casual" look, and Mary-Anne's frumpy duds are all as I remembered them, but Stacey isn't nearly stylish enough for her New York upbringing (stereotypes FTW!) and Claudia's outfits seem kind of restrained considering what she wore in the books. Check it:

Nobody, but nobody, dresses like Claudia. At least, nobody in our grade. (We used to have a friend, another member of the Baby-sitters Club, named Stacey McGill, who dressed kind of like Claudia. But Stacey moved back to New York, where she used to live. And anyway, trust me, Claudia is unique.) The best way to get this point across is to describe to you what Claudia was wearing at lunch that day. It was her vegetable blouse: an oversized white shirt with a green vegetable print all over it - cabbages and squashes and turnips and stuff. Under the blouse was a very short jean skirt, white stockings, green anklets over the stockings, and lavender sneakers, the kind boys usually wear, with a lot of rubber and big laces and the name of the manufacturer in huge letters on the sides. Wait, I'm not done. Claudia had pulled the hair on one side of her head back with a yellow clip that looked like a poodle. The hair on the other side of her head was hanging in her face. Attached to the one ear you could see was a plastic earring about the size of a jar lid. Awesome.

No joke, I would dress as Claudia Kishi for a costume party in a heartbeat. I kinda wish I hadn't sold my BSC books back in the day.
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1. A young girl has been stung by the Irukandji jellyfish while surfing off the coast of Broome in the northern part of my state. If I were to make a list of the top 5 worst animals of Australia, the Irukandji would be on it because it's venom is so so painful. You can take the highest non-lethal dosage of morphine and still feel intolerable pain, which can last for several hours to two weeks. One of the symptoms is "a feeling of impending doom" so strong that people are convinced they are going to die and so they make out their last will and testament.

Oh, and the bell of the jellyfish is about the size of a finger nail, while their tentacles can be up to one metre long and only millimetres thick, so good luck trying to see it.

Hopefully she'll be ok.

2. Not everything from Australia is horrifying. Case in point: Cate Blanchett.

My favourite dress of the awards season.


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