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From [ profile] dictionary_wotd:

longueur: a tedious passage in a work of literature or performance art.

It turns out that there is an actual word for those parts of Dickens's novels I generally skip on re-read.

(How many chapters are there about Silas Wegg in Our Mutual Friend? TOO MANY)
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This is largely for my own use - just wanted to get some thinky-thoughts down somewhere - but on the basis that others might find it interesting I thought I'd share.

On the characters of Inception, particularly Arthur, Ariadne, and Eames )
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Dear writers,

Informing me that you suck at writing summaries in the summary is no inducement for me to read your fic. In fact, your inability to write a good summary (which need only be a single sentence stating that "[Character A] and [Character B] go on [adventure] or do [activity]") makes me doubt your ability to write a lengthy piece of fiction. It's like a swordsman saying "Let's fight but you should know that I have a weak knee and frequently drop my guard". It's like going to a job interview and explaining why you aren't qualified to do the work. It's like saying you're good at something and then providing evidence that you aren't - no, wait, that's not what it's like, that's what it is.

With no love,


Also: what the hell is up with LJ? Un-customized comment pages are screwed up, icons are disappearing, my nav bar has changed colour without my express permission, and fonts are changing to ones with serifs. SERIFS!!! ON THE INTERNET. THAT IS UNHOLY.
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I don't care how interesting your premise is, how much I like your title, or how on-point your characterisation is; if you describe a character's eyes as "orbs", I am frakking done. Out of there. Closing the tab, not looking back.

Ugh. Orbs.
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Some very kind individual nominated my VM fic Excerpts from Logan's feelings journal for the Pirate Pride Awards and it WON the best Comedy category.

Considering how many funny writers there are in the Veronica Mars fandom, I can't quite believe it but it has made my day so thanks to whoever nominated me!

And congratulations to all the other winners and runner-ups. You can check out the full list here.
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The latest and last issue of The Neptune Navigator Online is up.

It features, a review of The Graduate, a discussion about Communism (with Python references!) and a poem about Supernatural amongst other things.

It is the last, because the gang is off to college and they can't be doing a high school blog anymore. Keep watching [ profile] neptune_online though, as we aren't done yet.

I'm really proud of this issue. The previous issue just abounds with awesome and I found it very easy to write. This week, I struggled a bit with my pieces. Still, I think this issue is as good as the previous one and that is because of the excellent team of writers and editors who contributed.

I was surprised yesterday when I realised that this would be our 11th issue. When this thing got started I thought I'd just be editing it - I never thought I'd be writing. I thought I wouldn't have too, that fic writers great and...not so great would be lining up to submit articles. That hasn't been the case. We do have a small group of quality writers who are fantastic - I just sometimes wish there were more of them!

However, I started writing with the first issue and I love it. It's a really fun way to write the characters and so far I've published 16 articles. My favourites though, are the ones I didn't write, just got to sit back and enjoy.

Which is something you can do right now. Go read, laugh, love and share with your friends.
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So it seems I can only write VM fanfic after midnight ;-) I just wrote something and OMG! I like it!

I'll post it tomorrow later today because I'm not so good with the punctuation at 2:30 in the morning.


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